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‘Bachelorette’ Alum Chad Johnson And Annalise Mishler Speak Out In Joint Interview Following His Arrest

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Things have been rough for Bachelorette alum Chad Johnson. He and girlfriend Annalise Mishler were recently having issues when things went a little too far. Chad became angry and punched a hole in Annalise’s wall. This led to her posting on social media and ultimately a neighbor called police the following day after hearing them arguing again. Chad was arrested on charges of robbery and domestic violence. Now, Chad and Annalise are speaking out together in their first joint interview and sharing their sides of the story and where they are now.

Chad and Annalise speak out

E!News shared details and video of Chad and Annalise’s first joint interview. The couple completed the interview on Monday’s episode of Daily Pop. Chad’s arrest stemmed from a series of alleged events that took place over the course of two days. The two had broken up which led to Chad giving in to having a drink. Prior to this incident he had gone without drinking for more than 50 days. A neighbor called police after Chad stood at her door and screamed profanities. Annalise also tried to call the police, but Chad grabbed her phone and threw it. This led to the robbery charges.

Annalise said of the incident, “I was just scared, honestly.” Chad said, “I hadn’t drank in, like, 50-something days. I made a promise to her not to drink anymore. And when we broke up, I was like, ‘It doesn’t seem like a bad time to have one, you know?’ And pretty much from there, it just spiraled.” Now, Chad says he plans on “going to do one of those, like, outpatient things” for his drinking issues.

His thoughts on his drinking issues

Chad said, “But it’s just hard to deal with because it’s not like I wake up every day and have a drink. It’s one of those things where people are like, ‘We gotta lock you away so you won’t drink.’ I’m like, ‘I’m not drinking. I go to the gym two hours a day.’ It’s just like dealing with that one time, every couple of months or something happens and then I have an issue.”

Along with breaking up with Annalise and the consequences from his arrest, Chad was visited by police who conducted a welfare check. At one point he was taken to the hospital to be assessed for suicide watch.

Chad said, “It was just going through the whole situation. People thought I had hit her and all this stuff. I mean, I hit the wall….Everybody basically threw me to the side—you know, all my sponsors, everything I had, everything I was working for. I just kind of lost it, you know? To top it all off, I was still wasted after that entire scenario.”

Where do they stand now?

As for where things stand now between Annalise and Chad, they both say they are not back together yet. They said they are working through things. She said, “I’m not, like, at a point, to just, like, jump back into things. I think, like, there has to be, like, I have to see change and feel better about things.”

TMZ shared the two were spotted out having dinner Sunday evening and laying on the PDA rather heavily. Chad is due to appear in court March 17. He is confident the pending charges will be dropped. It should be known that Annalise has no say in the decision the district attorney makes on whether or not to formally charge Chad.


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