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‘The Bachelor’ Finale HUGE Spoilers: Reality Steve Had Peter’s Ending All Wrong, Here’s What Really Happened

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This season of The Bachelor has by far been the most dramatic to date. Everyone has been dying to know how Peter Weber’s season will end and the spoilers have been hard to come by. Reality Steve released his theory of what happens last week, but then almost immediately said he started getting communication that it was wrong. Now, this morning Steve is saying it was wrong. Keep reading to find out what allegedly happens tonight and tomorrow night on The Bachelor. Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

Reality Steve had Peter’s season ending wrong!

Reality Steve took to his blog Monday morning to share what he has found out since posting his spoilers last Thursday. It is crazy to say the least. Although there are some similarities to another season, Peter’s season is definitely dramatic and pulling everyone in. Buckle up, here we go with what goes down final rose ceremony day. It’s crazy to say the least.

Reality Steve has finally figured it out with the help of his amazing sources. First off, Madison does self eliminate herself from the final two. However, Steve thinks this happens the day before the final rose ceremony, not the day of. He said it just doesn’t fit that she would leave the day of with everything he has been told. Madison leaving is huge. What happens next is even bigger.

Final Rose Ceremony

Steve initially reported on Thursday that Peter cancels the final rose ceremony altogether until he is able to talk to Madison about her decision to leave. This is wrong! Peter did leave Australia engaged. Steve said, “Didn’t happen. Peter gave Hannah Ann his final rose AND they got engaged that day. Don’t ask how I didn’t find out that for 3 months, because I don’t know. But yes, Peter and Hannah Ann did get engaged on the final day in Australia.” Wow!

After they left Australia a happy couple, things went downhill. Steve says Peter and Hannah Ann did break up. He said, “Peter and Hannah Ann have since broken up, which is the scene you see of him telling someone “I’m so sorry…never expected this to happen.” Peter is 100% definitely not with Hannah Ann right now as I reported, nor will he somehow end up with her in the next two nights. There will be a very intense conversation with her once she’s live in studio tomorrow night I’m sure.”

What about Peter and Madison?

So ultimately Steve was right that Peter really wanted to be with Madison. According to him Madison is the reason Peter left Hannah Ann. So where do Peter and Madison stand today? Steve says, “I don’t think it’s as solid as I reported on Thursday, but I also don’t think it’s dead in the water.”

Let’s recall that Madison had an extremely hard time with Peter being intimate with the other women during fantasy suite week. With that said, no doubt she has a problem with Peter getting engaged to Hannah Ann on final rose ceremony day. However, this is what everyone saw go down in Arie’s season of The Bachelor. He dumped Becca and went back after Lauren. The two are now married and have a baby. But, Madison is also very set in her faith so everyone will have to see how it all plays out.

Steve goes on to say, “This is how I believe the next two nights will play out. I know some people will doubt it and you clearly have a right to, but, I think ultimately you’ll see that Madison leaves Australia, Peter gets engaged to Hannah Ann, they stay engaged until he breaks it off, and since he ended it with her, he has pursued Madison. Exactly where they are in their relationship right now, I think is why the show is saying “Even Peter doesn’t know.” Maybe they are solid and he’s gonna propose tomorrow night. Maybe not. That’s gonna be what we’re all waiting for.” He concludes saying, “Gonna be a wild two nights, so get ready. Lets see if my new sources over the weekend came through and this is what we’ll see. I’m confident it is.”

The Bachelor season finale airs March 9 and 10 on ABC.




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