Which Duggar Does Ivy Resemble Most?

Jessa Duggar Seewald Instagram

As TV Shows Ace reported, Jessa Seewald shared a couple new social media posts this week. She posted a picture and video on Instagram for Duggar fans to see. And, of course they loved the new update.

As a result, fans noticed that Ivy looks a lot like several members of the family. But, no one can seem to decide which single family member she looks like. In the comments section of Jessa’s post, fans are talking about all of the possibilities.

Duggar fans say Ivy looks like Jessa

Jessa’s followers seem to think that Ivy looks a lot like her mom. Fans have pointed out that they both have big, bright eyes and dark hair. Plus, Ivy has the prettiest, longest eyelashes, which Jessa claims she got from the Seewald side of the family.

It only makes sense that Jessa’s baby Ivy would look like her because they are family. But, some kids don’t look anything like their parents. In this case, there’s no denying Ivy is Jessa’s child.

Ivy looks like big brother Spurgeon

Out of all of Ben and Jessa’s kids, Duggar fans agree that Spurgeon and Ivy look the most alike. Spurgeon has dark curly hair and dark eyes. Henry has lighter hair.

Fans think that Spurgeon and Ivy look like Jessa. And, Henry looks like Ben. In some of Jessa’s photos, her followers have seen Spurgeon and Ivy right next to each other. They can really see the resemblance there.


Someone commented on Jessa’s recent post and said, “She is literally yours and Spurgeon’s twin!!”

It will be interesting to see if Ben and Jessa’s future kids look like mom or dad. Fans think that the couple will be adding to their family at some point, whether it’s by pregnancy or adoption.

Duggar cousins Felicity and Ivy are “twins”

Another match that fans have noticed is Ivy and Felicity. Felicity is about a year older than Ivy. Felicity is Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s daughter. So, the two little girls are cousins.

Though Jeremy and Jinger live in Los Angeles, California, Jinger recently visited Arkansas with Felicity. There haven’t been any pictures of Ivy and Felicity playing together, but it’s assumed that the two girls enjoyed their time together.

In the pictures featuring both girls, Duggar fans pointed out that the two girls could be sisters! They look a lot alike with their wide, dark eyes and dark hair.

No matter who Ivy looks the most similar to, she’s definitely a Duggar baby. She looks similar to several people on that side of the family.

Who do you think Ivy looks like? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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