‘Unexpected’: Rilah Shares The Cutest Video Of Her ‘Latina’ Daughter Malayah

Unexpected Rilah daughter malayah

Unexpected fans heard late last year that Rilah Ferrer and her baby daddy Anthony split. Rilah claimed that Anthony actually abused her. Fans don’t know if he sees his daughter Malayah right now, but if not, he’s missing out on a real cutie. Rilah shared a short video of Malayah in “Latina” mode.

Unexpected – Rilah and Anthony split but Malayah’s her joy in life

TV Shows Ace reported that back in October  that Rilah Ferrer and Anthony broke up. It came after she alleged that he physically abused her. Apparently, their daughter Malayah witnessed it. But, thankfully, she’s too small to realize what was going on. Later, she declared herself better off. And it looks like no matter what, their daughter Malayah brings Rilah so much joy.

The World Daily News reported that Rilah made a report to the police about the alleged abuse. They issued a warrant for Anthony’s arrest. Apparently, Anthony needed to pay a $500 bond and also wear a monitoring device to make sure he didn’t contact either Rihah or her family. So, it’s not at all clear that he spends time with Malayah. Well, it seems that with or without daddy around, the Unexpected daughter loves her little life.

Cute ‘Latina’ video of Malayah ‘dancing’

Malayah’s a little too small to stand up and dance, but she sure knows a beat when she hears it. And, hey, it’s actually possible to dance sitting down after all. In the video that Rilah shared on Wednesday, Malayah captured the hearts of fans with her cuteness. Rihan captioned it with, “she didn’t ask to be Latina 😏.” One person asked if she’s Mexican, but Rilah explained the family’s from Puerto Rico.

In the video clip that the Unexpected mom shared, there’s Latina music playing and everyone’s clapping to the beat. Sweet little Malayah starts getting her legs going, and then stares the head shake. It’s so sweet. The clip’s embedded below for your enjoyment. Naturally many fans loved the cute clip. One fan said, “That leg movement 😂😭😭😭 on beaaat.”

Other fans love the video of the Unexpected child

While lots of fans noticed Malayah’s likeness to her dad, Anthony, others just loved the efforts at dancing. It’s one of those video clips that you can play over and over, just to enjoy the innocence of babies. One person noted they could “watch…it all day.” Another follower wrote, “When that beat drops!” Then another said, “She said “hold up mom this my sh*t” 😂😂😂.”


What do you think of cute little Malayah getting into the “Latina” dance mode? Do you think it’s the cutest video of Rilah’s baby yet? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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