Meri Brown’s Catfish ‘Samuel Jacob Cooper’ Remains Active Today

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A few years ago, Sister Wives star Meri Brown was engaged in a romantic and flirty relationship with a man named Samuel Jacob Cooper. Turns out, however, Samuel Jacob Cooper doesn’t exist. Samuel Jacob Cooper was a catfish. Meri Brown was actually in a relationship with a woman named Jackie Overton.

Getting catfished wasn’t easy for Sister Wives star Meri Brown.

As Cheat Sheet reminds us, getting catfished wasn’t an easy thing for Meri Brown to get over. It left the Sister Wives star feeling heartbroken and destroyed. It also did a significant amount of damage to her relationship with Kody Brown and her sister wives. Notably, several years later, Kody Brown still gives Meri grief over the catfishing incident.

Given how public learning that Samuel Jacob Cooper was actually a woman named Jackie Overton was… One would think Samuel Jacob Cooper would not exist anymore. It, however, turns out the Twitter account behind Samuel Jacob Cooper is still very active. In fact, it appears as if Samuel Jacob Cooper is currently in a relationship with a woman named Kate Kane. It is unclear if Kate is aware of the fact that she is dating a catfish.

Without a Crystal Ball decided to do some digging on Samuel Jacob Cooper.

A quick scroll through Samuel Jacob Cooper’s Twitter reveals one thing. Jackie Overton still actively manages the account. In fact, “Samuel” has even written a few books. The bio goes into great detail about this man that doesn’t even exist.

“Official Twitter account of Samuel Jacob Cooper & NotBatmanYet, Dad x 4 kids, #Vegan & #Book Club Podcaster, #Author x 2, #VeganSam #TheSoultoLife,” the bio of the Twitter account reads.

Without a Crystal Ball decided to do some investigation work of her own on Meri Brown’s catfish. At the beginning of her investigation, she flashed a picture of Samuel. She noted he was supposed to have been just over 40-years-old when the drama with Meri unfolded. Katie Joy noted that alone was a bit of a head scratcher as the man in the photo looked to be in his 20’s.

Katie Joy also revealed that during her investigation, “Samuel” blocked her. She explained that she replied to one of his posts to his girlfriend… She asked if Kate Kane knew that he was actually a woman. He insisted he was a man before blocking Katie Joy shortly after.

Katie Joy revealed that anyone who mentions Meri or being a catfish seems to get blocked.

Samuel Jacob Cooper actively discusses Meri Brown on his Twitter account.

Samuel Jacob Cooper recently celebrated a birthday according to Twitter. He claimed that Meri Brown wouldn’t stop calling him and wishing him happy birthday. And, that he had saved the voicemails as proof. According to Katie Joy, someone told Samuel to share the voicemails.

Someone else, however, chimed in noting that Samuel couldn’t share the voicemails. Why? Because Meri Brown wouldn’t call him. The individual, however, referred to him by his real name – Jackie.

Just yesterday Samuel Jacob Cooper bragged about his and her mugs that his girlfriend purchased. Several bombed the comments asking “Samuel” to give up the act.

“Does she know that you are a woman called Jackie who cat fished meri ?” One Individual questioned.

Another chimed in: “It should be hers & hers LMAOOOOO give it up, you have been outed, you are a fat old woman without a neck.”

Katie Joy questions if Samuel Jacob Cooper’s girlfriend actually exists or if it is another personality of Jackie Overton.

Are you surprised to know Meri Brown’s catfish is still active? Sound off down below.

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  1. She’s actively catfishing teachers. It’s sad because even with all the warnings, people still believe she is Sam. She’s been reported by so many and Twitter still allows her to remain active.

  2. I don’t know how Twitter allows this. Sitting at 125k followers today. Creating fake accounts, defrauding others of money…

  3. Yes, “Kate” is aware Sam isn’t real. Also, her name isn’t Kate, it’s Dominique. She was warned about this and left for a few months. We had hoped she wouldn’t come back but she did. Now it’s her fault, she was told and shown proof. I have no idea why she is playing along. She must have no self respect or she just wants to believe that Sam is real. Jackie is psychotic.

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