Duggar Critics Think Lauren And Josiah’s Home Is ‘Staged’

Counting On Josiah and Lauren Duggar Instagram

As TV Shows Ace reported, Josiah and Lauren Duggar shared a new post on Instagram recently. The picture is of their daughter, Bella, who is almost four months old. And, the focus of the post is Lauren enjoying the special times she has with her baby, especially since she’s growing so fast.

Lots of Duggar fans gushed over how adorable Bella is. They think the little girl is super cute and love seeing new pictures of her on social media.


But, the focus quickly shifted to the decor in Josiah and Lauren’s home. The home is set up with a minimalist style. There are few pieces of furniture, little decor, and white walls. It’s pretty simple

On Reddit, critics weighed in on the decorative style that Josiah and Lauren are using. They aren’t fans of how the home looks.

One said, “Do they actually live in that house, or is it used purely for instagram photos? It always looks so staged.” Another Duggar critic said, “In the paraphrased words of Joey from ‘Friends,’ if they don’t have a TV, what is all their furniture pointed at??”

Another Reddit user says, “That house looks so… drab. There’s almost no color in it, even Bsa’s [Bella’s] room. To each their own but I’m just not a fan of this decor style tbh”. Yet another writes, “I really don’t like her interior decorating aesthetic. It’s so… cold and sterile”.

Duggar fans requested a nursery tour

Previously, on social media, Lauren shared a glimpse into Bella’s nursery. Then, her followers asked to see more of the nursery. So, Lauren shared a whole tour of the nursery. Duggar fans seemed pretty impressed with how Bella’s nursery is decorated. They didn’t really have a lot of negative things to say about how the nursery is set up. Some of them even wanted to know where she bought certain items because they love them so much.

This comes as a shock after reading the comments about the rest of the home on Reddit. As of right now, Josiah and Lauren have yet to mention any plans for a home tour. But, home tours are pretty popular on social media. Josiah’s sister Jessa recently gave her followers a tour of her home via YouTube. Maybe Josiah and Lauren will follow in her footsteps.

What do you think of Josiah and Lauren’s home? Do you think it looks staged, or do you like the simple style? Share your thoughts below.

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