‘The Bachelor’ Peter Weber’s Ex Still Mad At Victoria F.

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The Bachelogot pretty heated when Peter Weber’s ex showed up and told Peter that Victoria F. broke up marriages. The subject has been brought back up.

‘Bachelor’ Victoria F. Drama

On a recent episode of The Bachelor, Peter Weber’s ex showed up to give him a warning. He was told that Victoria F. had broken up marriages in the past. Of course, this started all sorts of drama and was brought up again at Women Tell All.

Victoria denied the rumors, after all, who wouldn’t on TV? Regardless, Peter’s ex isn’t letting it go. She still says that it happened, Us Weekly says. She even took to Instagram to talk further about the subject.

“Unfortunately it is true. Some people cannot face the truth, she knows what she’s done,” Merissa wrote. “It takes a strong person to admit those flaws.”

Merissa isn’t wrong, it does take a really strong person to admit that they did something like that, however that doesn’t necessarily mean that Victoria did do these things. Really, only she probably knows for sure.

The same person who she responded to first went on to ask how many people this had happened with. To which she responded:

“Multiple. Many of those who’s life she’s ruined. They have been through hell and back and simply do not want to relive a dark time in their lives just for a reality TV show. This is simply why I did what I did. To speak for those who’s lives and relationship have been ruined. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but the truth with always be the truth and there’s no way around that.”


There’s no telling if she is right or not, but she does make a pretty compelling argument. In the end though, Peter didn’t end up choosing her. She ended up going home leaving just Hannah Ann and Madison left.

What comes next?

Next week is the season finale where we will find out who he proposes to, if anyone. There is still something dramatic that has to happen that sends Peter into a spiral. After all, that’s what the preview has been suggesting all season long.

Do you think Victoria F. did what Merissa said she did? Let us know what you think in the comments. Be sure to watch the two-night season finale of The Bachelor next week on ABC.

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