Joy and Austin Forsyth Answer Questions From Duggar Fans

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On Tuesday, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth answered questions sent in by their Instagram followers. On their joint Instagram account, they asked their followers to ask them anything they wanted to know. Then, they chose to answer the most popular ones in a YouTube video. The video went live on Tuesday.

Joy explained that one of the most popular questions they received was about having more kids. As TV Shows Ace reported, the couple definitely wants to have more kids. Joy said, “Of course we want more kids.” But, they had a loss at 20 weeks gestation last summer. So, Joy continued, saying that it has been “a long last 8 months”.

Where does Austin work?

In the video, Austin also revealed where he works. Duggar fans often want to know about the kids’ jobs and what they do in their everyday lives. Austin said, “I own and operate a small excavation business and I’m also a commercial contractor.” He also added they do “a lot of home-building.”

Joy also goes to work with Austin about “three days a week” since he’s self-employed. So, they get to spend a lot of time together. As far as date nights go, they get a babysitter and go out once or twice a month. Austin talks about how important quality time is every day and how they enjoy spending that time together while he works.

How do Joy and Austin deal with the Duggar critics?

One Duggar fan asked how the couple handles the critics they get. Because they live their lives in the spotlight, they get all kinds of backlash for nearly anything they do. The whole family gets backlash from time to time. Some of them choose to clap back while others keep quiet.

Austin offers some insight, saying, “We try to remind each other that when you hear some negative feedback, the best thing to do is examine yourself and see, ‘Okay, is what this person saying about me really true?’ And, once you go from there, and you evaluate and say, ‘No, I think they’re making this up,’ or ‘No, I don’t have this problem.'” He continues, talking about how people have opinions and how you should have “confidence in Christ.”

How often do Joy and Austin see the Duggar and Forsyth families?

One of Joy and Austin’s Instagram followers asked about seeing their families. They see the Duggar family a couple of times a week. Then, they spend some weekends with Austin’s family.

The grandparents babysit Gideon too, so he gets to spend a lot of time with each side of the family.

Could Joy and Austin start using YouTube more often?

It’s unclear what Joy and Austin’s plan is for their YouTube channel. They haven’t received a ton of views yet, so they’re unable to monetize their videos at this point. If their channel and following grows, they’ll be able to use ads in their videos to make a little extra money.

Lots of people use YouTube as a way to make money. Some of Joy’s sisters have done the same. Based on the response to this video, it’s possible they will continue to make more videos.

Have you watched the video? What do you think of their responses? You can see Joy and Austin’s full YouTube video here.

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