‘This Is Us’: Is There A New Episode On March 3?

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This Is Us airs on NBC. There are a handful of other important programs that air at certain times throughout the year. For this reason, the schedule for the show is often shifted around.

This has happened before with the State of the Union address. The episode was postponed until the next week.

With scheduling changes, fans can easily get confused. They have a lot of questions about when the next episode is airing. Sometimes, they think that their DVR isn’t working or that they aren’t getting new episodes for some reason.

Is there a new episode of This Is Us on March 3?

No, a new episode will not air on Tuesday, March 3. This is because it’s Super Tuesday. Lots of election results will be pouring in. So, NBC will be covering that.

Some of the election coverage will fill up the block that’s usually reserved for This Is Us. Other networks will also be covering the election results at this time.

While plenty of viewers are upset that their favorite show won’t air as expected, politics are important too. The results from Super Tuesday often give a lot of insight about how the election will go.

What’s airing Tuesday evening on NBC?

As mentioned, the Super Tuesday results will be shown on NBC on Tuesday evening. So, this is what’s going to be on instead of This Is Us.

At 7pm EST, Wheel of Fortune will air. Then, at 7:30pm EST, Jeopardy is on.

At 8pm EST, the NBC News Decision 2020 Super Tuesday program airs. There’s a break from 9-10pm EST for Ellen’s Game of Games. Then, the NBC News Decision 2020 Super Tuesday program returns.

The nightly news will be on at 11pm EST, followed by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon at 11:30pm EST.

When will This Is Us return to NBC?

Fortunately, fans only have to wait one week for the next episode of the hit drama. Here’s a preview for the upcoming episode.


The fourth season of This Is Us is wrapping up. As of right now, there will be a total of six seasons. There could possibly be more, but six are guaranteed.

The most recent episode aired on February 25. It is the 15th episode in the season, and there will be a total of 18 episodes in Season 4.

Are you disappointed that there isn’t a new episode on March 3? Share your thoughts below.

Be sure to watch the next episode when it airs on NBC on March 10 at its regularly scheduled time.

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