Savannah Chrisley Of ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Checks In To Comment On The Nashville Tornado

Savannah Chrisley, Instagram

The Chrisley family is very close and when a devastating tornado tore through Nashville last night, Savannah Chrisley was frantically trying to get in touch with her family. Many fans wanted to know that she and her family were all right, but she wasn’t able to post until today when she finally heard from her grandmother. Like many people taken by surprise by the severity of the storm she feared the worst.

She said in a post on Instagram, “when the tornado hit last night I couldn’t get ahold of my brother Chase…and I literally went numb.” Savannah said luckily everyone was okay and she’d just gotten off the phone with her grandmother. The pictures she shared shows the devastation the tornado did in just a short time.

Savannah Chrisley Is Thankful Her Family Is Okay

Savannah Chrisley shared how the community needed to come together to help each other after the devastating tornado. The storm killed 22 people across Tennessee. According to the New York Times 48 structures in Nashville had collapsed or been heavily damaged. There is a warning the number of fatalities could be more as they access the damage. Emergency workers are still looking through the debris left over. Savannah said, “life is so short so love hard and never leave things unsaid.”

She encouraged people to help her hometown. “Now it’s time for the Nashville community to come together and help our brothers and sisters rebuild,” she said. She hashtagged the post with Nashville strong.

Her Fiance Started A GoFundMe

Savannah Chrisley’s fiance Nic Kerdiles started a GoFundMe with a goal of raising ten thousand dollars. He said it felt like the most effective way to start helping people. Nic said initially people send their prayers and thoughts, and that’s good, but they need more right now. The twenty-six year old said this way everyone can send help. He said the page was, “for people who are feeling helpless and can’t get to Nashville. Those who can’t bring water and food and physically make sure people are okay, that they have the opportunity to help.”

He said on the funding page, “there are people without power, homes, and their loved ones right now. Nashville is a resilient city and there is no doubt that collectively, we as a city, state, and country can help rebuild what we’ve lost.” Thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the devastating tornado.

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