Lawson Bates Goes To Nashville For Tornado Cleanup

As many Americans know, several tornadoes tore through Nashville, Tennessee on the morning of Tuesday, March 3. These tornadoes resulted in at least 19 deaths. Buildings and homes have been flattened. Many people are without power too. So, celebrities are speaking out about the damage and raising awareness about how people can help. One celebrity who is working to make a difference is Lawson Bates.

On Tuesday, Lawson shared a new post on his Facebook page. The Facebook page is called Lawson Bates Official. He typically provides music updates there, but he’s doing something a little different.

So, he wrote, “Heading to Nashville at the moment with a team and equipment to help after the devastating tornadoes. Message info if you’re in an area hit hard that needs clearing off of houses, roads, etc.”

The Bates’ family lives in Tennessee, so Lawson is somewhat close to Nashville. His sister, Carlin, and her husband Evan live in Nashville. So far, no one has shared whether Evan and Carlin are okay. But, it’s likely that the Bates’ family would’ve shared if something was wrong. No news is good news, in this case.

Bringing Up Bates fans applaud Lawson

In the comments section of Lawson’s Facebook post, his family’s fans are leaving all kinds of sweet messages. They wish him the best as he travels to Nashville and works hard to help out.

And, some of his family’s fans are offering suggestions for where to go in Nashville. Others are asking where they can donate money or resources to Lawson and his team. Overall, everyone is really amazed by Lawson and his willingness to pitch in.

Lawson Bates raises money to help those in need

Lawson is very involved with helping others, and he’s often making an effort to change lives. Most recently, he helped a young girl who needed to have heart surgery. Since she lives in the the Philippines, he went there to visit her and help her get the medical attention she needs.

Now, Lawson has returned to the United States, but he is still raising money for Esther. He wants her to he able to get the surgery she needs. Lots of his followers and fans of Bringing Up Bates have donated to the cause. They hope that Esther is able to get the surgery done and recover fully. In the meantime, fans love seeing updates as Lawson shares them on social media, so they hope to see more soon.

What do you think of Lawson Bates going to Nashville to help out? Do you admire his selflessness? Share your thoughts below.

Aubrey Chorpenning

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