Exclusive Interview: Steve Cook Talks New Season of ‘The Biggest Loser’

Steve Cook The Biggest Loser

TV Shows Ace recently got the chance to speak to Steve Cook of The Biggest Loser exclusively. He is part of the new reboot on USA Network. Check out what Steve had to say about being a trainer and more.

Steve Cook talks The Biggest Loser

How did you end up on The Biggest Loser?

I’m a personal trainer and social media fitness influencer that has spent my whole life learning the ups and downs of the wellness industry. After I helped my dad lose about 80 lbs I was hooked on coaching and knew I had found my purpose. When The Biggest Loser production team reached out to me I was certain this would be an invaluable experience to help even more people that I could never pass up.

Have you ever struggled with weight yourself?

While I have never been overweight myself, I really have struggled with unhealthy eating habits in the past. Starving myself and then binge eating was a regular part of my life as a fitness model. I was constantly striving to be the leanest possible version of myself for that next magazine cover or event and developed a serious problem. At some point I had to wake myself up from that.. Although this was a rough time for me and a hard hurdle to overcome, I’m grateful for the experience as I am able better relate to my clients and contestants on the show. You know, I’ve been there. I’ve obsessed over that number on the scale and the way I looked to an unhealthy extreme. I’ve sat in the dark alone and stuffed my face with junk food. I get it.

What is your favorite part about the show?

My favorite part of the show has been the community that has come of it. Even as a trainer, I feel I have a support system that will last me for years to come. We’re all a big family. The opportunity to help these incredible individuals change their lives for the better is one of the coolest things I’ve ever had the opportunity to be a part of.


Any advice for someone trying to lose weight on their own?

Rome wasn’t built in a day – your dream body certainly won’t be either. So try to take one step a day and be kind to yourself. Take a walk outside. Try to shop only on the outer perimeter of the grocery store where you’ll find fresh foods. Practice regular self care routines. Try out our at-home workouts we have on The Biggest Loser Instagram. And most importantly, remember that perfection is the enemy of progress.

Would you return for another season?

Of course!

USA Network’s reboot of The Biggest Loser airs every Tuesday at 9/8c. Make sure you don’t miss new episodes each week.

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