Duggar Fans Are Pretty Sure Joy-Anna Is Pregnant

Joy-Anna Duggar Instagram featuring Carlin Bates of Bringing Up Bates

Duggar fans are always speculating. There might be courtships, marriages, and babies in the works. Fans are eager for more big news from the 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On family. But, right now, no big news has been announced. So, fans are left guessing who might be pregnant or courting.

Now, fans are assuming that Joy-Anna Forsyth is pregnant. There are a few good reasons for this.

J0y-Anna might be waiting to announce a pregnancy

Duggar fans will recall that Joy previously had a loss. This was last summer. She was 20 weeks pregnant and about to find out the baby’s gender. Unfortunately, she and her husband Austin were told that there was no heartbeat. This was a devastating loss for Joy and the rest of the Duggar family. They named the baby Annabelle.

So, because of this loss, Joy might be hesitant to announce a pregnancy. She might have told her family members but wants to keep it a secret from the rest of the world, just in case she loses another baby. Fans assume that she is waiting until that 20-week mark to make an announcement. She likely wants to make it that far before sharing the news with everyone.

There’s a chance that she’s still waiting to get pregnant after the loss though. She previously shared that she was waiting and healing before getting pregnant again.

Jinger Vuolo is in town visiting the Duggar family

On social media, the Duggar family has been documenting their special time with Jinger Vuolo. Fans will recall that Jinger and Jeremy moved to Los Angeles, California, so they don’t see the Duggar family in Arkansas often. So, Jinger and her one-year-old daughter, Felicity, are visiting.

Jinger mentioned that this was a last-minute trip. Could she have made the trip to be there for someone’s pregnancy announcement?

New pictures with Duggar sisters convince fans she’s pregnant

Since Jinger arrived back in Arkansas to visit her family, they have all been sharing lots of pictures. In a couple of these pictures, fans have picked up on hints that Joy might be expecting. In one picture, when the family met up at Panera Bread, Joy is holding Lauren’s baby Bella in front of her stomach.


Now, this could just be the way that she is holding the baby. But, some fans think it’s awkward. They think the family took one picture that didn’t hide Joy’s baby bump. Then, so they could share one on social media, they covered up her bump. But, it looks like that coverup was done quickly and without much thought.

In another picture, fans think that Joy’s black shirt is poorly hiding her baby bump. They think that she’s already showing and that she tried to wear something that would cover her bump.


Joy won’t be able to hide a bump for long

You might remember when Joy was pregnant with her first child, Gideon. Plus, you can look back at the pictures from when she was pregnant with Annabelle. Duggar fans have noticed that Joy starts looking pregnant very early in her pregnancies. For this reason, she won’t be able to hide her baby bump from her followers for long.

Duggar fans don’t know whether Joy is actually pregnant. If she is, she will announce it publicly when she is ready. What do you think? Do you think she might be pregnant, or do you think that she’s still healing? Share your thoughts below.

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