Duggar: Derick And Jill Explain Sending Israel To School

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Jill and Derick Dillard recently revealed that they’re sending their son Israel to kindergarten in the fall. TV Shows Ace reported on this. He’s going to be attending public school. This came as somewhat of a shock to Duggar fans as Michelle homeschooled all of her kids. But, Jill and Derick have been doing things a little bit differently from Jill’s family. So far, Jill is the first of the Duggar kids to send her children to public school.

When she shared the news via a YouTube video and an Instagram post, she got mixed responses. Some of her followers are thrilled for the family. Jill also received a lot of good advice from Duggar fans. She asked for tips and tricks for making the transition to kindergarten easier. Her followers commented and gave her some insight on how the first couple weeks of school will go.


Other followers are less supportive. They are questioning the family’s decision. Lots of them have voiced their concerns about the “dangers” of public education. They are urging the family to reconsider their decision. They feel that they should send Israel to private school or homeschool him instead.

Derick talks to Duggar fan about their decision to send Israel to school

On the Dillard family blog, they shared a post about Israel going to kindergarten. Many of the comments were positive, and the family’s fans wished Israel the best in school. Of course, the hate from Instagram carried over to the blog.

One of the comments from a Duggar fan reads, “Oh please don’t sent your children to public school! Homeschool them. Public schools are indoctrination centers for evil. I call them farms for the elite. They teach even kindergartens about every kind of s*x. Poor Israel. This honestly breaks my heart.”

In response, Derick wrote, “Thank you for your concern. We do try to prayerfully consider each step we take and not just run on autopilot.”

Israel was previously homeschooled

If you follow Jill on Instagram, you might have seen pictures of Israel being homeschooled. The Duggar daughter sometimes documents her days with her kids. So, homeschooling is often included in that.


For this reason, someone commented on the Instagram post about Israel going to school. They asked about homeschooling, saying, “Why did I think you homeschooled?” To that, Derick said, “We’ve homeschooled for almost 5 years, but now he’s old enough for school.”

What do you think of Jill and Derick’s responses? Do you agree with what they’ve shared with their followers? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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