Duggar: Ben Seewald And Sons Show Off Their Sunday Best

Duggar: Ben Seewald Instagram

Fans of the Duggar family know that they are very religious. So, they go to church. Some of the older guys in the family even sing at church. The family seems to be pretty involved. Plus, many of their standards are biblical-based. For example, the girls are expected to dress modestly. And, the adult children aren’t allowed to hold hands, kiss, or hug prior to marriage.

As far as the family’s fans know, all of the kids are still religious. Some of them have branched out and started living their lives differently, but they are still Christians. They might wear pants and do other things their parents wouldn’t have been okay with.

Jessa Duggar and her husband Ben Seewald seem to be raising their kids religiously. They are already teaching their young children bible stories and religious songs. They seem to place an emphasis on raising Christian children. So, it’s assumed that Ben and Jessa take their kids to church with them on Sundays too.

Ben, Spurgeon, and Henry wear their Sunday best

The Duggar son-in-law and his boys posed for a picture on Sunday. In the picture, the dad and two sons are getting in or out of the family’s mini van in a parking lot. They are all dressed up in their Sunday best. All three of them are wearing sportcoats. They also have on fancy dress shoes.

Spurgeon and Henry are even wearing little bow ties. Ben’s wearing jeans, but the boys are wearing khakis. They’re showing off their cute smiles too.

Ben wrote, “Love these guys! So blessed to be their Dad. They won’t be little forever. Cherish the time together. #familytime“. Jessa or Ben hasn’t posted a picture of Jessa with Ivy yet. But, Duggar fans assume that the two girls looked gorgeous and were all dressed up too. They hope to see a picture of their outfits too. It’s assumed that the family was on their way or had just gotten done with church.


Duggar fans love the new photo

As usual, Duggar fans are loving the new picture from Ben. One was happy to see the family’s nice outfits and said, “Love how you dress your children properly. Today, parents bring their kids into God’s house dressed like slobs.👍

Other Duggar fans went on about how cute and handsome everyone looks. They especially love the kids’ outfits.

What do you think of Ben’s new post? Do you love how Jessa and Ben dress their kids? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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