The ‘Couples Couch’ Tells ‘Married at First Sight’ Season 10 Pairs the Truth About More Four Letter Words

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The Couples Couch veteran pairs had a lot to talk about on this week’s February 28 episode, thanks to the Season 10 Married at First Sight newlyweds, who seem to be taking twists and turns into their own self-made problems in this week’s episode, “The L-Word.” Anthony D’Amico and Ashley Petta decided to play another drinking game, taking a sip every time “love” was uttered on-screen.  They probably regretted the choice of next day, but other Couples Couch pros were more concerned with the poor choices that some of the current “Married at First Sight” matches are making.

Jamie Thompson and Elizabeth Bice always speak their mind, and the Season 9 success story couple was joined by their Season 8 friends, Keith Dewar and Kristine Killingsworth, who uncharacteristically let loose with some choice words.  Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner had more laughs than loose words but weren’t shy about sharing their opinions throughout this Couples Couch.

Jobs are the issue for Michael and Meka

Everyone on the Couples Couch let out a collective “aww..” as they watched Michael help Meka to pick out her hair weave, and even playfully try it on.  Doug Hehner again exclaimed, “You know you’re married when the weave comes out.” Anthony only confirmed to Ashley that her dream of having a husband to style her hair would never come true– he can’t even work the blow dryer.

When it came to Michael’s supposed new position of becoming a principal—and him turning it down—the alarm bells went off.  Every couple, and especially the wives, weren’t buying his evasive response of “I don’t know you well enough,” to share the vocational information. Jamie Otis and Doug continued to discuss this topic throughout the entire episode.  “Can you show me a parking pass, a letterhead, a phone number?” Doug teased throughout the show.  While this was a funny Couples Couch interlude, Jamie and all the wives contended that a job is something a wife needs to know about, and also a matter of emotional security.

“Why is he lying?” Beth Bice asked. Keith and Kristine playfully talked about their history of getting manicures and pedicures while Michael and Meka tried to get on more positive marital turf.  “She wants some bling,” Kristine interjected when Michael gave his wife a box of candy on their date, “But at least he’s trying. It’s the thought that counts,” Killingsworth added.

Katie and Derek disappoint the ‘Couples Couch’

“Easy” and “time” seem to be words that the Couples Couch would offer to favorites, Katie and Derek, during this episode.  The couple that seemed determined to see the best in each other and sticks it out on their honeymoons seems to be looking for problems now. “Is this the night everybody’s going to h*ll,” Anthony exclaimed.

Both Katie and Derek are putting great pressure on the word “love” and on themselves at this juncture.  The seasoned crew of Couples Couch completely agreed that if they can just relax, live life, and let the feelings come– loved will take its course.  Beth thinks Katie Is still conflicted by her ex, and let it be known more than once.  Jamie thinks she just needs to realize that what she has now is better than anything she had before.

Everybody loved the “Spiderman” kisses between the couple at their aerial dancing session, and both partners proved that they could put an argument behind them.  They got back on good terms during their car ride.  Kristine cozied up to Keith and told him that “dishes” were how she liked love to be expressed.

All of the Couples Couch got a sweet kick out of Katie and Derek’s mac and cheese crush, and another Married at First Sight couple got cuteness kudos, too.

‘Couples Couch’ is still batting for Austin and Jessica

“How are they just so perfect?” Beth asks when she sees Austin and Jessica cleaning up the kitchen.  Cleaning has never been a favorite activity for Beth, but when it comes to devotion, she and Jamie found their way, and still are forging their own love story.

Jamie Otis assured that Jessica shouldn’t worry about how long it takes to hear “I love you.”  Newsweek also covered this marital aspect for the couple on February 27.  What matters is that Austin is showing he cares through many acts of love.  Jessica is making an effort, too, giving her husband extra long hugs and planning a date to the batting cages.  “It was six months before I said it” Otis remembered.

Austin showed that baseball is still in his blood by rifling shots with lightning force.  Kristine cheered on Jessica, saying “she’s good.”  Jessica shouldn’t worry if she’s the one to say “I love you” first.  Austin is getting there in his own time, and she might be surprised by his response.  Taking a breath and being natural is the best way to grow love, and both these partners have the priceless seeds for being selfless.

‘Couples Couch’ is completely confounded by Zach

No one on Couples Couch knows what to make of Zach’s choice of staying absent from his wife, Mindy. What they see is the same as millions of Married at First Sight fans– her feeling lonely and shunned, and her husband not there.  He continues to justify that he is “all in” in their relationship, but that fact is hard to prove when he wakes up and goes to sleep miles away.

Doug Hehner and Jamie were especially glad to see him talk to his sister, and feel another woman’s perspective on his behavior.  She urged him to really be a husband, or leave the Married at First Sight experiment.

Kristine Killingsworth did see some chemistry in the couple’s “game night.”  “They’re cute when they’re cute.” Beth isn’t giving Zach any leeway, but she did give Mindy credit for using the better facial mask.  Jamie and Beth probably went to bed wearing their own facial treatments.

‘Mean’ is the only ‘Couples Couch’ word for Taylor’s move

Like all the Married at First Sight fans, the Couples Couch witnessed Brandon Reid’s aversion to the cameras and his meltdown in Panama.  Despite Taylor’s claim that the couple is hitting a reset button, she continues to dwell on the episode and was as warm as a glacier to her husband when they tried to talk about love languages.

In another segment, Taylor has prepared a lovely dinner to share with her husband—and Anthony D’Amico wants to be invited.  Almost as soon as the plate is put down, though, Taylor takes to Instagram to post the meal on social media.  Jamie Otis saw nothing wrong with the share, but her husband got that the move was a slight to Brandon.  Brandon soon leaves the counter with his plate.  Later, he discovers that Taylor is on social media again and calling herself single.

Brandon finds Taylor’s post declaring that she can’t find a man who is at least 6’3”, employed, and doesn’t have a record.  She calls her specifics “the bare minimum” and continues on with her rant.  Brandon immediately packs his things and leaves the apartment.  Taylor doesn’t get home until the next morning and seems to throw shade again at Brandon, saying she gave him the second chance.

Jamie Otis labeled Taylor with a big “not okay” on this action, and Beth Bice deemed “it’s very vindictive,” admitting that she’s someone who knows vindictive.  This big no-no didn’t get any approvals from Couples Couch or from Married at First Sight expert, Dr. Viviana Coles, who also had her moments with Beth. Kristine Killingsworth got more bleeps than anyone can remember in her commentary on this couple.  The ever-positive Married at First Sight bride couldn’t keep from swearing.

To borrow a line crafted from The Bachelor, Brandon and Taylor both seemed to miss “being here for the right reasons” in the experiment.  Meka even told Taylor as much in their meeting.  Hopefully, these partners can find satisfying love at their own pace, in separate spaces.

On a happier note, the Couples Couch with sweetly overjoyed to see Katie and Derek looking to the future by close of the night.  They were talking about where their married home would be, and Derek adding Katie to his employer’s insurance.  Nothing says lasting stability like insurance coverage.

Couples Couch now airs Thursday on Lifetime, after Married at First Sight airs each Wednesday.

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