Jinger And Felicity Vuolo Visit Duggar Family In Arkansas

Counting On Jinger Duggar Vuolo Instagram

On Thursday, Jinger Duggar Vuolo revealed that she and her daughter, Felicity are going to Arkansas. Jinger’s parents and siblings live in Arkansas. Since Jinger and her husband Jeremy now live in Los Angeles, California, they don’t see Jinger’s family often.

The Duggar family has visited the Vuolos in Los Angeles since the big move. But, they can’t make regular trips due to travel expenses and the distance.

In her stories, Jinger revealed that this is a last-minute trip. She didn’t state why they’re taking this trip though. Fans have started to speculate why she would possibly need to take a last-minute trip. But, maybe this was just an unexpectedly good time for the family. This time, Jeremy isn’t able to tag along.


Jinger documents trip to Duggar family in Arkansas

On her Instagram stories, Jinger has been sharing about her travels with Felicity. She has posted pictures of herself and Felicity saying goodbye to Jeremy.

Jinger Duggar vuolo instagram
Jinger also shared pictures of Felicity as they were at the airport Thursday. She shared a picture of Felicity wearing her very own little backpack. Another picture features Felicity sitting and waiting for their next flight. She’s surrounded by all of her belongings. It looks like Jinger is trying to keep the little one busy.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo Instagram

Already, Jinger is sharing all kinds of fun pictures on her Instagram stories. She revealed that all of the Duggar girls went out for breakfast this morning. She was also excited to meet her new niece, Bella, for the first time. She’ll likely be documenting more of these special moments with her family soon.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo Instagram

Why isn’t Jeremy going to Arkansas?

In one of her Instagram stories, Jinger said that Jeremy isn’t going to Arkansas with them. This is confusing to fans. As far as Duggar fans know, everything is good between Jeremy and the rest of Jinger’s family.

At this point, Jinger hasn’t shared why Jeremy is staying in California. It’s likely because he’s attending the Master‘s Seminary. It’s also assumed that he has some kind of job in Los Angeles, which he hasn’t revealed to his followers yet. He may not be able to take time off from school and/or work. This is especially likely due to the trip being last-minute, as Jinger mentioned.

Are you excited to see updates from Jinger and the rest of the Duggar family as she spends some time in Arkansas? Share your thoughts below and look for more updates soon.

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