Proud Aunt Jana Duggar Bonds With Niece Grace

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John-David and Abbie Duggar just became parents for the first time! They had a baby girl, Grace Annette, in January. The couple has been adjusting to parenthood and soaking up all of the special newborn moments. But, they were also happy to have some time to themselves.

On Instagram, the couple documented their date. They share an Instagram account. They wrote, “Thanks to Aunt @janamduggar, Mommy and Daddy got a special evening out last night!”

The Duggar couple shared a cute picture of themselves on their date too. Many of their followers are loving the picture and think it’s great the couple was able to get out and spend some time together. They reminded the couple how important that quality time is. Jana commented and said she “loved getting to watch Gracie!”

Jana Duggar enjoys bonding with niece Grace

As John and Abbie mentioned, Jana babysat Grace. Jana shared a couple of photos of herself with Grace. She wrote, “Her parents think I come over here to hang out with them.”

Duggar fans know that Jana and John-David are very close to each other. They’re twins and they have been friends for forever.

So, fans have noticed that Jana seems especially excited about John and Abbie’s life together. She’s been thrilled about their engagement, wedding, and now baby Grace.

In response to Jana’s post, lots of her followers talked about how great it is to be an aunt. They think the pictures are really sweet and that Grace is lucky to have Jana in her life.

Jana’s sisters joined in the conversation in the comments section. Jill left a couple of emojis—a heart and a heart eye face. Jessa called Jana the “best auntie!”

How many nieces and nephews does Jana have?

Duggar fans know that Jana is 30 years old and isn’t married yet. This is uncommon in her family, but she seems to be taking a relaxed approach to courting and marrying. She isn’t rushing into a relationship.

Until she gets married and has kids of her own, if that’s her plan, she gets to enjoy special time with her many nieces and nephews. Based on Jana’s most recent social media post, it seems like she’s loving life as an aunt. She often shared about the things she’s up to with her siblings’ kids.

As of right now, Jana has 17 nieces and nephews. Duggar fans think there may be another one (or more) on the way. But, so far, no one has announced that they’re pregnant.

How cute are these new pictures of Jana with baby Grace? Share your thoughts below.

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