Anna Duggar Reveals How Josh Helps Around The House

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Anna Duggar’s recent family trip with her children to a local pond got some Duggar followers wondering… How exactly does the mother-of-six manage her household and her children?

Managing a lot of children isn’t new in the Duggar family.

As those who have followed the Duggar family know, Josh is one of 18 children brought into the world by Michelle and Jim Bob. So, managing a household with a lot of children isn’t a new or foreign concept for the Duggar family.

Fans have mixed feelings about the managing of Jim Bob and Michelle’s household. Many of Michelle and Jim Bob’s children have all but admitted that older siblings (especially the girls) are expected to assist in caring for their younger siblings. While it has never been confirmed, many assume it is the only way Michelle and Jim Bob could have managed a household with so many children.

As Anna and Josh Duggar’s family continue to grow, many have started to compare her to Michelle Duggar. Is she setting herself up to have a household similar to her mother-in-law? Does she also want 19 children?

Six children is still a lot of children to manage.

Six children is a far cry from 19. In fact, it is not that uncommon for a couple to have six children. Still, there is no denying six is A LOT of children to manage. So, when Anna Duggar shared a collection of snaps from her trip to the pond it got people wondering… How does she manage to keep her children and her household under control? How much help does she get from her husband, Josh?

On her family outing to the pond snaps she posted a week ago, one individual decided to ask. They wanted to know how much of a role Josh Duggar played in raising his children and managing the household.

The individual attempted to make it clear they were not trying to judge or criticize Anna. They just wanted to know how she managed things.

“Cute and they will always remember those good times!! Love how you juggle it all! Does Josh help with dinner or do you cook by yourself? Just curious! When I stayed home with my kids I did it all!”

Anna Duggar revealed that Josh does help her out around the house.

According to Anna Duggar, there is one household chore Josh is amazing at. He’s a talented cook.

“Josh is great in the kitchen and often lends a hand.” Anna penned in response.

Anna’s response was liked just shy of 100 times. One individual noted they thought they recalled other members of the Duggar family discussing how talented Josh was at making BBQ.

Overall, it certainly sounds like Josh Duggar is doing his part to help his wife Anna with their children as much as he can.


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