Duggar Fans Think Anna And Her Sister Look So Much Alike

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On Sunday, Anna Duggar documented a special family moment. Her sister, Susanna Keller, got married. On Instagram, Anna shared about the big day. She wrote, “It was so exciting to celebrate with my younger sister Susanna & her husband York on their special day! 👰🏼🤵🏼

Anna shared several different photos. One featured herself, Josh, Susanna, and York. Others show the wedding decorations. She also included a sweet video of Susanna and York’s send-off.

It’s unclear whether Josh and Anna brought the rest of their kids along. Only Maryella is pictured.

Nonetheless, Duggar fans believe it looks like they had a great time. They are congratulating Susanna and York in the comments. They’re also talking about how gorgeous Anna and her sister look. The post has gotten a lot of positive attention. Some fans can’t help but notice something else about the new photos though.

Fans think Anna and Susanna look like twins

Duggar fans can’t get over how similar Anna and Susanna look to one another. Up until this point, fans haven’t seen a lot of Anna’s sister. Seeing them side-by-side in the new photo is showing fans just how similar the two ladies look.


In the comments section, tons of Anna’s followers are talking about how the sisters look like twins. Some say that Susanna looks like a slightly younger version of Anna. Fans really can’t believe just how similar the sisters look.

Duggar fans were also quick to point out that Susanna is dressed less modestly than the Duggar girls have been at their weddings. In the comments, fans have cleared things up and mentioned that Anna’s family is less conservative than her husband’s family. They share many of the same values, but they seem to be more relaxed.

Duggar fans happy to see Josh in photos

As TV Shows Ace reported, Josh is appearing in more and more pictures. Fans of the family will recall some of his scandals from the past. He was in trouble for molesting his sisters, which didn’t come out publicly until years later.

Then, once married to Anna, he was using a site called Ashley Madison. This site is used particularly for extramarital affairs. Eventually, that went public too.

So, Josh isn’t loved by all fans. Many have chosen to look past his mistakes and wish they could see more of him though.

In response to Anna’s recent post, Duggar fans are saying how happy they are to see Josh in the photos. They love knowing what the whole family is up to, not just Anna and the kids.

Do you see how Anna and her sister Susanna look alike? Share your thoughts below.

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