Duggar: Do Derick And Jill Dillard Want Their Own Show?

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Derick Dillard seems to be in support of a new spin-off of Counting On featuring himself, his wife Jill, and their two kids, Israel and Samuel. Duggar fans will recall that Derick and Jill are no longer on Counting On with the rest of Jill’s family. Plus, there’s some drama between Jill and her dad, which affects the rest of the family too. Derick first opened up about this around Christmas time. He’s even writing a book to tell the truth about the Duggar family.

Because Jill and Derick aren’t on the family’s show, fans tend to keep up with them via social media. But, someone on Twitter wants to know about a show for Jill and Derick.

The user tweeted, “Hey @TLC you know what show would be a hit? @jillmdillard and @derickmdillard: Breaking Free. They have a story to tell and it’s time for some truth to be told! It would be amazing to see their journey. #tlc #CountingOn #leavingthecult #RealityTV”.

Derick happened to “like” this tweet, which may indicate that he is interested in having a show of his own.

The conversation continued over on Reddit. Someone suggested a name for the show, saying, “They need to call this or a tell-all book ‘Count Me Out.’”

Other users encouraged TLC to pick up this show. It’s unclear whether TLC would go for this after they fired Derick.

Is Counting On ending?

Duggar fans wonder how much longer TLC’s Counting On will air. It seems like some of the older girls, including Jessa Seewald and Jana, are preparing for the show to end and the money to stop rolling in. Both girls have created YouTube channels and are regularly posting content there.

Of course, some fans really don’t want the show to come to an end. There are plenty of kids to follow through courtships and marriages and as they have families of their own. But, the show will end at some point.

Duggar fans want a Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo spin-off

Fans seem to think that Jeremy and Jinger’s life in pretty interesting. The two of them, along with their one-year-old daughter, moved to Los Angeles, California. This is a big deal as most of the Duggar kids have stayed in Arkansas near Jim Bob and Michelle. Prior to the move to Los Angeles, Jeremy and Jinger lived in Laredo, Texas.

Now that they’re out in Los Angeles, they seem to be living it up. They are enjoying all kinds of new foods. They’re checking out all the hottest spots in their new area. Duggar fans see a lot of this on social media. But, they think that Jinger and Jeremy are out and about enough to make a whole show out of their lives.

What do you think of the spin-off ideas? Would you watch them? Nothing has been discussed by TLC, so it’s possible that none of them even happen.

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