Brandi Passante Puts Instagram Creeps On Blast

Brandi Passante Instagram

Storage Wars princess Brandi Passante is looking fabulous these days. While her relationship status is unclear… Her and her baby daddy Jarrod Schulz are no longer an item. Whether she’s with someone else or just enjoying the single life, splitting up with Jarrod has seemingly done wonders for her physique. Noticeably, Brandi Passante hasn’t been shy about putting her fabulous figure on display for her followers to see. For the most part, her followers seem to be really enjoying her Instagram activity as of late. It, however, appears as if some of her followers might be enjoying it a little too much.

Brandi Passante put creepy Instagram followers on blast.

Storage Wars princess Brandi Passante wasn’t feeling it last night. Apparently, she’s been getting a lot of creepy messages in her private messages on Instagram. And, she’s had enough. So, the reality TV personality decided to put some of the creeps in her inbox on blast. Because of the nature of these snapshots, we have censored them. Nearly all of the snaps were requesting intimate acts and/or intimate photos from the blonde bombshell.

Brandi Passante Instagram

She recently revealed she stopped posting pictures of her children because of messages like this.

As we recently reported, Brandi Passante treated her followers to a rare snapshot of her daughter. The photo featured Payton (whom she shares with Jarrod). Payton was rocking a candy red pant suit. According to the caption, she was headed to her winter formal.

In the caption, Brandi also opened up about why her followers didn’t see many photos of her children.

“I stopped posting photos of my babies. Because some creepy ass dudes were harassing them. I am reluctantly posting this because, I am so proud of how beautiful my little is in her winter formal fit …❣️Don’t be gross,” Passante explained in the caption.

In one of the many screenshots Brandi shared on her Instagram Stories last night, one of the many creeps in her inbox did mention her daughter. After discussing how he wanted to share his manly parts with Passante, he shifted to asking whether her recent snap was of her daughter.

Brandi Passante Instagram

The screenshot above also suggests the individual sent several unsolicited intimate pictures and videos of himself to Brandi. Unfortunately, some of her comments on top of the screenshots suggests this is a pretty regular happening for her.

Are you surprised to see so many creeps sending inappropriate messages to Brandi Passante? What do you think about her decision to blast them on her Instagram Stories?

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