Duggar: Jessa Seewald Shares New ‘Saying Of Spurgeon’

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Duggar fans are loving a recent video from Jessa Seewald. She posted a video of Spurgeon, her four-year-old son, on Friday. Along with the Instagram video, she shared her conversation with him. She wrote,

Spurgeon: ‘We have two stomachs— my dinner stomach got full right here [pointing to right side], and this one is not [pointing to left side].’

Me: ‘Oh, well actually we only have one stomach, but what you can say is ‘I need to save room!”

Spurgeon, not convinced: ‘Well God made us like that… with two stomachs.'”

Fans got a kick out of the quotes from the Duggar grandson. They are all siding with Spurgeon in the comments section. And, they’re saying he should get some ice cream for his effective argument.


Jessa shares ‘sayings of Spurgeon’

This isn’t the first time that Jessa has documented the funny things her son is saying. She created a hashtag for all of those moments, which she shares on Instagram and Twitter. She calls them “sayings of Spurgeon.”

Recently, TV Shows Ace reported on a cute conversation that Spurgeon and his three-year-old brother Henry had.

Fans of the Duggar family really love everything Jessa has to share. But, those cute quotes from Spurgeon seem to be a hit. Fans think that the little boy is pretty clever.

Though Henry isn’t talking much yet, Jessa has already created another hashtag to keep track of all the cute things he says. Henry has had speech therapy, and he’s definitely making improvements.

She hasn’t shared many of Henry’s quotes yet, but she shared one on Twitter recently. She called it a “saying of Henry.”

Duggar fans love Jessa’s family and her parenting style

Whenever Jessa shares about her family on social media, she receives a lot of attention. Because of her experience on TLC on her family’s shows, she has a large following. She has 2.2 million followers, so she receives lots of likes and comments on her posts. In addition to using Instagram, she’s also using YouTube. She has her own channel and is using it as a way to make money for her family.

In the past, Duggar fans have applauded Jessa for her parenting style. They think that her kids are really well-behaved and that they’re smart too. They say that whatever she’s doing is working.

What do you think of this new “saying of Spurgeon”? Do you like the little guy’s argument? Leave a comment below.

TV Shows Ace reported on hints of a new season of Counting On, so stay tuned for the latest details.

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