‘Storage Wars’ Fans Still Ask Brandi Passante ‘Where’s Jarrod?’

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“Where’s Jarrod,” is one of the most commonly asked questions on Brandi Passante’s Instagram profile. As her 159,000 followers know, it has been a very long time since Jarrod Schulz was featured. That, however, doesn’t stop her followers from asking “where’s Jarrod” in nearly every update.

Brandi Passante fans ask: ‘Where’s Jarrod?’

As we previously reported, Brandi Passante recently took to Instagram to share a rare collection of snaps. These snaps were gorgeous pictures of her and Jarrod’s daughter Payton all dressed up for her winter formal. She rocked a candy red pant suit with black heels. She looked spectacular. Brandi’s Instagram followers were very supportive.

Unfortunately for Brandi Passante and her daughter Payton, not everyone wanted to discuss the gorgeous ensemble. Or, how much her daughter had grown. Some of them were still hooked on discussing a pretty popular topic in the comments of Brandi’s Instagram activity. One simple question.

“Where’s Jarrod?”

“Where is Jarrod?” One Instagram follower penned in a comment that has been liked 18 times. The comment also had over half a dozen responses.

“Yeah hes been out of the picture a long time. Guess its long been over with them,” one follower quickly said in response.

Some of Brandi Passante’s followers seemed annoyed by the “where’s Jarrod” question.

One individual penned: “man why people gotta keep asking that same old lame ? May be it ain’t nobody s [d***] [business.]”

While some of her followers are clearly annoyed by the “where’s Jarrod” question… There is nothing more than speculation in the comments.

Notably, Brandi Passante has never entertained the question. While it pops up in her comments all of time time… She does not respond to it. Ever.

The Storage Wars couple never married.

As we’ve previously reported, Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz’s divorce was trending on social media for a period of time. This was an odd trend because they are not married (and never were). They do, however, share two children together.

Brandi Passante has even posted snapshots of herself hanging out with other friends. Some of these snaps even included male friends. So, some have speculated Brandi has moved on from Jarrod and is with someone else.


Jarrod is extremely inactive on social media.

Technically, Jarrod Schulz does have an Instagram. He, however, only has about a third of the followers as Brandi. Moreover, he is not as active as Brandi.

Noticeably, Storage Wars fans occasionally pop into Jarrod’s Instagram to ask him a similar question.

Four weeks ago, one individual asked “Where is Brandi?” in the comments of his post. Unlike when “where’s Jarrod” is asked on Brandi’s profile, the question got nearly no attention.

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