Brandi Passante Shares Rare Snaps Of Daughter Payton

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Storage Wars princess Brandi Passante treated her 159,000 followers to a rare sight on Instagram this weekend. Just what was this rare sight? Well, it was a few stunning pictures of her daughter Payton Schulz. As those who follow Brandi Passante on Instagram know, sharing pictures of her children isn’t something she makes a habit of doing.

Who is Payton Schulz?

Payton Schulz is daughter to Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz. She is also the sister to her younger brother Cameron Schulz. While A&E TV has a very outdated bio on Payton, she has grown a lot since the last time it was updated. Based on the recent Instagram update, it appears as if Payton is wrapping up high school and will soon be off to college.

Brandi Passante shared several snaps of her daughter rocking an ensemble for her winter formal.

A little over 12 hours ago, Brandi Passante took to Instagram to share stunning photos of her daughter Payton. The photos featured Payton rocking a gorgeous candy red pant suit. The young brunette paired her red pant suit with large black heels and a gorgeous dressy black undershirt.

Payton had her brunette locks straightened and parted down the middle. Payton opted for a thick black eye liner and some light pink lip liner.

Brandi’s followers were here for the gorgeous snapshots.

The collection of photos of Brandi Passante’s daughter Payton accumulated nearly 8,000 likes and just shy of 400 comments.

Many quickly praised the young brunette on how spectacular she looked in her red pant suit. In fact, here were some of the supportive comments:

  • “Awe look at her!!! Tell her she has to be home by 9!!!”
  • “😍😍😍😍 she get it from her mama!”
  • “She’s pretty, just like her mama, and looks happy!”
  • “Wonderful photo, thanks for sharing and hope she has a wonderful time”

Why doesn’t the Storage Wars princess share photos of her children?

In the caption of the collection of photos, Brandi Passante shed a little light on why her followers don’t see much of her children. Turns out, it is a decision she made in the best interest of keeping her babies safe from creeps on the internet.

I stopped posting photos of my babies. Because some creepy ass dudes were harassing them. I am reluctantly posting this because, I am so proud of how beautiful my little is in her winter formal fit …❣️Don’t be gross,” Brandi explained in the caption. 

Many of her followers were quick to chime in on the caption. Several apologized on behalf of the creepy men. Some noted it was the same reason they don’t post pictures of their children. Others thanked her and hoped for the best.

Are you surprised to learn why Brandi Passante doesn’t share photos of her daughter Payton that often? Sound off in the comments down below.


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