Joy-Anna Duggar And Carlin Bates Have Been Friends Forever—Literally!

Joy-Anna Duggar Instagram featuring Carlin Bates of Bringing Up Bates

Many people who are fans of the Duggar family are familiar with the Bates family. Bates family fans are often fans of the Duggar family too. Both families are conservative and Christian. They both have TV shows due to the fact that they have lots of kids.

The families happen to be friends with each other too. For years, there’s been speculation about Jana Duggar courting Lawson Bates. The families are sometimes seen hanging out.

Plus, the family members interact with each other on social media often. They comment on each other’s posts. Right now, Lawson is raising money for a girl in the Philippines. She needs life-saving heart surgery. To help, the Duggar family has shared about the cause several times. To fans, the families seem very connected. They go way back.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Carlin Bates’ friendship

Thanks to social media, fans of both families can keep up with what they’re up to. If you look at Carlin’s or Joy-Anna’s instagram pages, you’ll see a few pictures of them together. Joy lives in Arkansas while Carlin lives in Tennessee, so they don’t see each other often.

But, TV Shows Ace recently reported that Joy is in Tennessee visiting Carlin, who just had her first baby.

While Joy was there, she shared a few pictures of herself with her best friend. The two girls are posing with the baby, Layla Rae. In the last picture, Joy is giving the baby a kiss.

The caption is what really surprised fans though. In her caption, Joy writes,“Our families have known each other before we were born… and I’m pretty sure we’ve been friends since day 1 of meeting! @carlinbates98, So SO happy I was able to come for a short visit and meet baby Layla Rae! Love yoouuu!”

Then, Joy added a fun fact at the end of her post. She wrote that she and Carlin are five months apart in age. They’re also both the ninth children in their families. Duggar and Bates fans are loving these facts and think it’s really special.

Joy’s sister-in-law Anna commented and said that they are “some of the sweetest ladies” that she knows. She was happy that the two of them were able to get together.

Carlin responded, “You made my week!! Thanks for takin the time to come see us!!! We love you big time”.

Joy and Carlin have always been there for each other

Since the girls have been friends for forever, they’ve definitely been through their fair share of ups and downs. Duggar fans will recall that Joy tragically lost her baby at 20 weeks gestation. Carlin was there for her and even did her makeup for a special photo shoot.

They’ve been a part of each other’s weddings too. It only makes sense that Joy would fly to see Carlin to celebrate this special time in her life.

In her own Instagram post, Carlin talked about her friendship with Joy. She said, “For as long as we’ve known each other, your friendship to me has always lived up to your name – you never fail to bring joy to my heart every time you come around!”

Duggar fans say that this visit could’ve been hard on Joy because the baby she lost a little over six months ago was a girl. But, Joy has tried to keep a positive outlook. Plus, she wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on meeting her best friend’s baby. She is letting her body heal, but fans are speculating that she’s the next Duggar to get pregnant.

Are you surprised the two girls have been friends this long? Do you like hearing about their special friendship? Leave a comment below.

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