‘Gold Rush’ Crew Worried Parker Schnabel Won’t Find Gold Next Season

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Gold Rush fans know that Parker Schnabel is mining thousands of ounces of gold in Season 10. But already, Team Schnabel is concerned about next season. Will they find any gold on Parker’s new spot?

Parker’s Team Worried Schnabel Won’t Find Gold

Gold Rush fans have spent Season 10 watching the Schnabel crew unearth thousands of ounces of gold. They are leading the show. But according to the Monsters & Critics preview, there is some doubt that Parker will repeat this next season?

Brennan Ruault and Fred Lewis are worried about next season because they are mining on untested land. Brennan shares his fears, as he says “We need something to pay off because none of us know where we are going next season.”

So, Brennan is worried about an untested claim? Bring in Parker Schnabel. Parker, who was taught by the best gold miner ever, his late grandpa John Schnabel, he knows a few things about testing ground.

Parker instructs Brennan to excavate for pay. Brennan digs for an hour. Parker asks Brennan if he “found some bedrock.” Brennan hesitantly admits that they have “some dirt to wash at least.” Parker lets out a cheer as they put the first shovelful into the mini plant.

Fred explains to the cameras that it is working, rocks to the top, pay to the bottom. Could this mean gold? Yes. Parker tests again twice and there is a “promising” amount. Brennan and Fred should feel pretty assured, Gold Rush Season 11 should be awesome!


Next Time, Ask Master Mechanic Mitch Blaschke

Brennan and Fred only had to speak to master mechanic Mitch Blaschke to calm down. Mitch knows he is working on a very successful team. He also knows what it is like working during the worst of times. That includes the ill-fated Hoffman Crew trip to Guyana for Gold Rush Season 4. No surprise, he jumped ship and joined Parker’s team for Season 5. Guyana was a brutal trip for the entire Hoffman crew. But, Mitch’s initial work with Todd was pretty legendary.

Gold Rush fans will remember that Mitch originally joined the Hoffman crew in Season 3. He joined Todd Hoffman and his team at the Quartz Creek claim. Mitch was remarkable because he was quick to adapt the bush fix “mindset.” This means that he was creative in fixing equipment with the parts that were available on the claim.

According to a Discovery interview, Mitch really enjoyed his bush fix experience. “That was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.” He memorably fixed the plant’s hydraulic pump by hooking up Jack Hoffman’s 400 to the hopper feeder. Mitch has been invaluable to Parker. No one will forget how difficult times were when Mitch left the claim in the midst of Season 7, in order to get married.


Is Gold Rush Season 11 Gonna Happen?

Discovery rarely shares that they have renewed their top shows like Gold Rush and Deadliest Catch. It is pretty clear that as Brennan and Fred are already talking next season, there will be a Gold Rush Season 11.

But, before fans get too excited for Season 11, there is Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail Season 4. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, the new season will take place in Australia. There are more rules and regulations that Parker has to deal with, as well as deadly snakes and spiders. Thank goodness Fred Lewis will be there to keep Parker alive!

TV Shows Ace also reported that a blonde, leggy Aussie mining beauty, Tyler Mahoney will be showing Parker around the country, looking for gold. Based on social media, it looks like Parker and his team really had an amazing Australian gold mining adventure.

Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for the latest Gold Rush news. Gold Rush Season 10 airs on Discovery Friday nights. Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail premieres on Friday March 13 at 8 p.m., on Discovery.

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