Duggar Fans Think Ben Seewald Is Unhappy

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Because of the Duggar family’s lifestyle, fans and critics alike are often concerned. They worry about whether the family members are actually happy. Recently, Jill Dillard shared some new makeup-free pictures. As reported by TV Shows Ace, fans feel that she looks like she is older than she is. Fans are blaming the stress and trauma her life has given her.

There have been questions about some of the younger daughters who still live at home. Some comments have been made about Jinger Vuolo. TV Shows Ace also reported on the possibility that Lauren Duggar isn’t happy in her marriage.

Of course, this is purely speculation by fans and followers. But, fans believe that there could be some truth in it all.

Duggar followers weigh in

Now, Duggar fans are worried about Ben Seewald. He and Jessa got married on November 1, 2014. Some of the family’s followers are concerned that he’s already unhappy in life and in his marriage. They have caught hints here and there to support this, but nothing has been proven. And, it likely won’t be proven either.

On Reddit, some of the family’s followers sharing their thoughts on the whole thing. Someone asked whether Ben and Jessa are happy in their marriage. This question has come up about other Duggar couples too.


One user said, “I think Ben loves Jessa. I do not think Ben loves his life with Jessa.” The Duggar family is very conservative and religious. While Ben is religious, Reddit users noted that he isn’t as into religion as Jessa’s family is. This could be bringing him down. The same user added that he might’ve been more involved prior to their marriage. But now, he may not care as much.

Someone said, “I think he’s miserable but makes the best of it. He loves his kids and he’s content with Jessa. I get the feeling they get annoyed with eachother constantly. Jessa thinks he a dumb idiot and Ben hates that she’s not more outgoing and ‘adventurous’.”

Another fan added, “Something tells me that Ben doesn’t want more children and Jessa has no idea.” TV Shows Ace previously reported that Ben doesn’t want a large family. He and Jessa both came from big families. But, some fans are beginning to wonder if Jessa will take him seriously on the matter.

Ben and Jessa’s relationship

As of right now, from what fans see publicly, the couple is doing fine. On Thursday, Ben and Jessa went on a date, as reported by TV Shows Ace. They appeared to be happy, according to Duggar fans. Of course, if something is wrong, they may not be open about it.

What do you think? Do Ben and Jessa seem happy for you? Leave a comment below.

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