‘The Bachelor’: Loyal Fans Defend Victoria Fuller From Trolls After Running Event

The bachelor Victoria Fuller

The Bachelor fans often diss Victoria Fuller on social media. And not only fans, but even Hannah Brown seemingly succumbed to the temptation. Now one of the least-liked top three in Peter Weber’s season, trolls hit on Victoria after she posted about a running event. But loyal fans defended her.

The Bachelor – Victoria Fuller shares about the running event

Taking to her Instagram on Tuesday night, Victoria sounded thrilled about a running event. That’s because she won an award. Her caption read, “Tonight was so amazing! I couldn’t be more honored to receive the #NERGYcup 🏆.” Then Victoria explained she’s not always been into the activity. She noted, “Running was never my thing until recently when I was looking for an outlet to clear my head.”

It also seems that The Bachelor star isn’t all that self-assured. Victoria noted, “I was nervous/intimidated to run beside seasoned runners…” but now she’s really “happy to be apart of @northendrunclub, a community where people uplift you & encourage you to be your best self!” Then, she promised fans she’d see them “next Tuesday.”

Fans react to Victoria’s post, some troll on her

While fans often troll on reality TV stars, it’s unusual for other contestants in the show to do so. But, Hannah Brown let out her diss on social media, back in mid-February, TV shows Ace reported. After watching a clip of Victoria where Victoria said, “it’s annoying to be around me,” Hannah B reacted. The Blast noted she shot back, “Well, you said it.”

Maybe that perception that it’s okay to diss other competitors in The Bachelor makes trolls really bold on Victoria’s social media. In response to her proud award-winning running event post, one person said, “Personally I thought running was always your thing.” Then another asked, as  fans often see Victoria in tears, “Did you cry after?” Another troll said to Victoria, “Sis take a damn seat.” Well, many others took the opportunity to let Victoria know she’s not their favorite on the show. But others defended her.

Loyal fans defend Victoria F.

While trolling’s become almost a part of modern culture, some people grow weary of it. In defense of Victoria, other people stood up for her. One of those wrote, “Very proud of you. As someone who has also been slandered in the media with untrue accusations, just know there are people on your side.” Another fan of The Bachelor noted, “It can’t be easy being in the camera with your personal life on the line… someones gotta show us fans how mentally exhausting it truly is.”


What do you think of trolls coming at Victoria Fuller after she proudly posted about winning an award at a running event? Are you happy to see that some loyal fans stood up to defend her? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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