‘I Am Jazz’: Jazz Jennings Inspires Fans As She Struggles With ‘Rough Times’

I Am Jazz jennings

I Am Jazz on TLC brings a lot of difficult and emotional moments for Jazz Jennings in the new season. She faced her fourth bottom surgery correction and her family’s worried that all of this interferes with her education prospects. Plus, we saw her emotional and tearing up over her friend JoJo. Trying to stay positive helps Jazz cope with the “rough times.”

I Am Jazz – emotional and ‘rough times,’ Jazz shares and inspires

Taking to her Instagram on Wednesday night, Jazz explained that she tries positive affirmation to help her deal with the “rough times.” She shared a graphic of all the words she says to herself. The TLC star then captioned her post, “For those struggling to believe the affirmations: Sometimes voicing the phrases out loud helps reaffirm it.” Jazz then explained how she “went on a rampage of positive affirmations spoken verbally and started crying because it was so cathartic.”

Finding it useful to say it out loud and then put “much emphasis” into what she said helped her “believe” what she said. Jazz ended by noting “Believe what you say because you are beautiful and deserve to know it!💗💗💗.” Well, lots of fans explained that they try positive affirmation, but feel so lame as they simply can’t believe what they say. So, this idea to says it out loud, say it emphatically, or yell it out, might help those who struggle.

Fans inspired by Jennings

Many fans expressed their gratitude to Jazz for sharing her tip about coping with the “rough times.” Inspired, one fan wrote, “I agreed with your brother about [being] inspired by you. I have learned a lot from you and following your journey. Keep it up! ❤️.” Another person wrote, “You’re such an inspiration and so gorgeous keep being you ❤️❤️ I love you so much.”

Other I Am Jazz fans suggested if Jazz or her followers struggle with believing their positive affirmations, they could start off with believable neutral affirmations. These include things like saying, ‘I am authentically me’ or ‘I do my best even in hard times.’ These may not sound as fantastic as other positives, but they still bring positivity.


Kindness on Jenning’s Instagram

These days, very little trolling goes down on Jenning’s Instagram. Mostly, followers find a kind and supportive community. TV Shows Ace reported about how bad Jazz felt when her friend JoJo suffered so much anguish. Her grandmother put the big thumbs down on top surgery for JoJo. Cheatsheet explained how Jazz got so upset she needed to leave the room for a bit.

But not everyone has a friend like JoJo does, and they struggle alone with their mental health issues. But often, fans don’t need to actually watch the show to see like-minded people supporting each other. They sometimes find that kindness right there on Jazz Jennings’ Instagram feed.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace often for more news about TLC’s I Am Jazz.

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