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Sadie Robertson Talks About Having Kids 3 Months After Wedding

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Sadie Robertson has an adorable response to people asking her when she’s going to have kids. The Duck Dynasty star has expressed an interest in having kids. But that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Sadie Robertson just married her husband Christian Huff at her Louisiana family home back in November. The young couple has only been married for three months. So, it’s best if they don’t have children right now.

It’s clear that the couple are enjoying wedded bliss. They’re still posting photos from their wedding and honeymoon. Just don’t bring up children. If you do, Sadie will have this hilarious response in the back of her pocket.

Duck Dynasty star addresses whether she’s ready for kids

As People reported, Sadie Robertson revealed on Instagram that people have been asking her if she’s ready to have kids. The 22-year-old said she’s not ready for that kind of responsibility. Sadie previously said that she wants to have children with Christian far off in the future. Right now, she has ice cream on the brain.

“As soon as you get married everyone starts talking babies but right now when we say pink and blue we are def talking Baskin Robbins,” Robertson wrote in an Instagram photo of herself giving her husband a kiss on the cheek. The couple were photographed inside a Baskin-Robbins store on Sunday, February 9.

Sadie’s sister, Rebecca Robertson Loflin, joked that ice cream is “cheaper than babies that’s for sure.” She’s a mom to 1-year-old son Zane. After Sadie and Christian got engaged in June 2019, she spoke to People about starting a family of her own.

“That’s probably down the road,” Sadie told the outlet. “We definitely want kids, and a lot of kids. I grew up with six in our family and Christian just has one brother, but he has so many cousins.”

While Sadie claims that family is “important” to them, they’re “not in a rush” to have children. Sadie’s enjoying her sister and sister-in-law’s newborn babies. So, she feels satisfied with the babies that have been welcomed into her family.

Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff welcomed a fur baby into their family

As Fox News reported, Sadie has babies on the mind. But not the kind that you’re thinking. The couple has been busy caring for the latest addition to their family. Last month, Sadie introduced her followers to their new little puppy. She called the white pooch her “Honeymoon baby Cabo Pop Huff.”

Their new dog is named Pop, which is short for Poppins. Their fur baby is easier take care of than a real baby since it “can literally sleep anywhere” and “love coffee shops.” On Instagram, Sadie shared a variety of photos of the adorable little dog sleeping in between her legs and chewing on a stuffed monkey toy. She also shared this photo of herself holding her dog as she walked to her car.

Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff are happy with where they’re at in their marriage and it shows. Hopefully, they’ll stop getting those baby questions.

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