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‘Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love’ Puts Pastor Cal and Three Couples Through the Paces in Family Conflict

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Tresa Patterson

For all the fans who can’t get enough of Pastor Calvin Roberson and his very intimate relationship with the truth on Married at First Sight on Lifetime, the network is soon to have another TV reality adventure through true love, devotion, and dodging incoming volleys of family insults.

Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love’ is moving from its original Australian and other foreign lands to Lifetime for its second season, premiering February 26 at 10 PM ET.   The intense four-week experiment evolves over ten episodes in the lives of three couples in Atlanta.  The couples are deeply in love, but close family members have deep-rooted reasons for opposing their union in marriage.

Different than Married at First Sight, which often reflects on a pair’s compatibility and shared values, Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love focuses on couples already committed to one another, but coping with rejection from family, based on long-held perceptions and prejudices.  Think of it as a buffet of Married at First Sight and OWN’s Family or Fiancé.  Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love just has more in-law meddling with the cozy scenes in between.

Broadway World and other outlets previewed the new series last week, and Lifetime launched a Twitter preview on February 12.

‘Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love’—Will and Cameron

Religious differences come to the forefront for this couple, and time is of the essence.  Will is Jewish and the rich traditions of the Hebraic culture go far beyond circumcision and bar mitzvahs.  Cameron is Christian, and under the gun from Will’s family to conceive a child and convert to their faith before becoming a fiancée and marrying on Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love.

Pastor Calvin Roberson’s background in leading a diverse and multiethnic congregation should serve him well through these mediation efforts. Faith is an immense and deeply personal conviction, and compromise will have to work toward not only love but who values the issues of faith most.


‘Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love’—Chris and Blair

The parents involved in this Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love match have more than surface issues to iron out.  Blair’s mom is not too big on Chris’s tattoos and bad boy image.  She also is unsure about her daughter’s affection for a man with North Korean roots.  In the trailer for the series, she rhetorically asks: “Isn’t that a communist country?”

Besides fears of grandchildren being raised in a labor camp, lots of time needs to be spent between this betrothed couple and their future families.  Tattoos are often taboo, but what matters most is what is etched on the heart.  Blair’s mom and dad should take heart that not many people are booking flights to North Korea– it’s usually the other way.

‘Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love’—Kareem and Kiandria

Grandchildren are naturally first priorities to families, and Kiandria has a six-year-old son.  Is a four-year age difference really enough to make a family worry? In this case, it is.  Kareem’s own family fears that he does not have the maturity to master being a father.  This consideration makes the ground muddy and wobbly from both sides for this Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love pair.

Pastor Cal should have pounds of his honesty and wisdom ready for these couples and their families.  Get ready for the glasses to come off.  Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Love starts in less than two weeks, on February 26, on Lifetime.


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