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Todd and Julie Chrisley may have just received a MASSIVE setback in the federal charges against them.

The Chrisley Knows Best stars want the federal case against then thrown out. They claim evidence was obtained illegally. They insist the government violated their constitution rights.

If Todd and Julie Chrisley were successful in getting the evidence thrown out, the entire case would likely be thrown out as well. Unfortunately, it does not appear as if things are moving in their favor.

On Friday, the prosecution filed a response to the motion to suppress evidence.

The prosecution claims the motion to suppress evidence has no merit.

According to the prosecution’s response to Todd and Julie’s motion to suppress the materials obtained during the use of two federal search warrants, the motion has no merit.

The prosecution’s response was 101 pages in length it did include both federal search warrants as evidence. The prosecution notes the Chrisleys did not take issue with the search warrants. They noted they did not take issue with the judge’s probable cause determination either. They also didn’t take issue with the method in which the warrants were executed.

According to the response, the motion by Todd and Julie Chrisley does NOT argue the federal government did anything wrong in the obtaining of the materials used as evidence in the case. Moreover, Todd and Chrisley also didn’t try arguing that the materials seized didn’t belong to them.

Instead, the motion argues the materials and evidence should be suppressed because civil revenue officials from the state of Georgia State Department of Revenue violated the 4th Amendment by filing paperwork in the wrong county.

So, again, to sum it up… The Chrisleys are not arguing the government did anything wrong or shady. The Chrisleys do not claim the federal government did anything wrong at all. They, however, claim the state government filed the tax lien in the wrong county. They want the entire case thrown out. The Chrisleys entire argument is a technicality.

The response documents explain Todd and Julie Chrisley failed to challenge the two federal search warrants. The prosecution goes on to clarify that even if they had challenged the federal warrants… They would have also had to challenge the warrants out of the state of Georgia that originally obtained the evidence. Because Todd and Julie did none of these things in their motion, the prosecution insists the motion has no merit.

The prosecution also dismantles the argument regarding the tax lien.

The prosecution goes on to explain that the state of Georgia did not require nor does it now require the Department of Revenue to file the tax lien in the county where PERSONAL property was located. And, the prosecution claims their motion would have held merit if the government had seized REAL property (such as their home). But, because they only seized personal property it holds no merit.

According to Without a Crystal Ball‘s reading of the prosecution response documents, the prosecution go into great detail about all of the reasons the motion Todd and Julie filed holds no merit. This even included filing why the motion held no merit by listing other reasons it would not have mattered if anything the Chrisleys argued had been true.

The prosecution insists Todd and Chrisley never deny they did anything wrong. They aren’t denying they didn’t do it. They didn’t deny the documents weren’t theirs.

The only argument made is the government didn’t get the documents proving their guilt legally.

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