‘This Is Us’ Star Chrissy Metz Rocks Oscars Performance

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On Sunday, February 9, Chrissy Metz performed at the Oscars. Chrissy plays Kate Pearson on NBC’s hit drama, This Is Us. For this reason, fans of the show were thrilled to see her onstage. Here’s what you need to know about her appearance and performance at the awards show. Plus, keep reading for details about the upcoming episode of This Is Us.

Chrissy Metz at the Oscars

Chrissy made an appearance at the Oscars wearing a red gown. Good Housekeeping shared photos of her red off-the-shoulder dress. She also wore diamond earrings and a diamond necklace. To match her dress, she wore red lipstick. And, her hair was done in light waves. The site says she was one of the best-dressed of the evening. This Is Us fans have to agree with that statement, as Chrissy is definitely one of their favorites.


Chrissy didn’t only make an appearance on the red carpet. The star performed a song at the awards show. She swapped her red gown for a navy one. A live choir joined her for the performance.

She performed “I’m Standing With You”. This song is from her movie, Breakthrough, which is a Christian movie. She also performed the song at the ACM Awards in April. Prior to that performance, she said, “The song is so beautiful, and I think it needs to be heard.”


Chrissy has also had to sing as a part of her role on This Is Us. She performed Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” on the show. Performing at the Oscars would’ve been Kate’s dream come true.

This Is Us will feature Kate on February 11

The next episode of This Is Us airs on Tuesday, February 11. There wasn’t an episode on Tuesday, February 4 due to the State of the Union.


But, now the show is back. And, this episode is all about Kate.

Logan Shroyer, who plays teenage Kevin Pearson, talked about the upcoming episode. He discussed the impact the episode will have on his teenage sister in the show.

At the moment, fans of the show don’t know exactly what will happen. But, based on the preview for the episode, things aren’t looking good between Kate and her boyfriend Marc. This Is Us viewers are fearing the worst and speculating possible abuse. Only time will tell. The show is full of twists and surprises.

What do you think of Chrissy’s Oscars performance? Do you love her outfits? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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