‘OutDaughtered’: Lucky Busby Quints Enjoy Burning Off Energy In The Pool In February

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OutDaughtered fans across much of the USA spend their February weekends snugly dressed or huddled under duvets. But the lucky Busby kids live in Texas where it seldom gets really freezing cold. So, the quints went off to burn off some energy in the pool on Saturday.

OutDaughtered house with a hot tub and a pool’s ideal for six active kids

In Season 5 of the TLC show, fans saw the Busbys move into their temporary home. The old house got invaded by mold and Ava fell so sick, they rushed her to the hospital. But, it turned out the temporary home suited the lifestyle of all of those active kids. The huge yard and pool with a tub at one end seems very well used. Recall those little kids when they hated the water? Well, that changed a lot. TV Shows Ace reported that Hazel finally learned to swim last summer, so all of them love the pool these days.

On his It’s A Buzz World Instagram account, Adam shared a photo of the kids having a blast in the pool. Distractify reminds readers that initially, horrified fans freaked out that the pool wasn’t fenced. But, the Busbys “fixed with a pool safety net Adam installed.” Now, the OutDaughtered family seems to love their new house, rather than the old moldy one. The pool feature keeps all those active kids burning off energy.

Swimming in February in Texas

The photo that Adam shared this weekend showed the girls at the hot tub end of the pool. He captioned it with, “Is it summer yet!? Nope, but we need them to burn some energy!” Many fans felt a bit envious of the quints swimming in February, One said, “I’m so jealous! We just got another 20cm of snow here in Newfoundland 🇨🇦, snow banks up to our bedroom windows!” Another fan wrote, “Love it. But jealous. I want to swim instead of seeing snow. Lol.”

Other Outdaughtered fans talked about how nice it is that the USA comes with warm and cold places. One person noted, “This is why I love Texas! Winter one day…summer the next 😀.” Another person wrote, “I’m in southern California. We don’t really have winters. It’s the same almost all year around. We swim all the time. I live at the beach and my husband and I are there almost every day walking our dog.”


What do you think of the lucky Busby kids enjoying playing in the pool in February? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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