Victoria Fuller Is Doubted By Peter Weber Of ‘The Bachelor’

Note: There are spoilers ahead. Peter Weber finally started showing he wasn’t messing around on the latest episode of The Bachelor. Victoria Fuller and Hannah Ann Sluss both got one-on-one dates.

Victoria Paul dropped out on her own and went home. He told Mykenna he trusted her and sent Tammy home. Fans finally saw him making moves to find his true love.

He Experienced Some Doubt With Victoria Fuller

Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller had an awkward first one-on-one when her ex-boyfriend was there as well. He wanted a second one because he didn’t feel like they got a fair shot during the first.

Peter tried to get Victoria to open up to him on the date, but she seemed more closed off than ever. After a day of horseback riding and having fun together, Peter started to wonder if Victoria wanted to be there.

Victoria Fuller said she went back and forth in her head, which confused Peter. She said it was hard for her with the other girls. Peter told the camera, “I thought we’d kind of gotten past this, but now it’s obvious that she’s struggling.”

He went on to say it scared him not knowing where her head was. He decided to try again to get her to open up at dinner.

She Wasn’t Sure She Was Ready Anymore

When he pushed Victoria Fuller to talk to him, she said she was about to be sick before going into the bathroom. One of the producers went to follow her. Fans could hear her say “I don’t know what to say to him….I don’t think I’m ready … He’s here for marriage, and I don’t know, anymore, if I can do that.”

Peter waited obviously upset. He said , “she doesn’t want this. I’m trying my absolute best and I can’t get anywhere with her right now.” When she came back to the table she said she was sorry. He gave her a rose and fans were confused as to why. It was obvious he still had reservations about it.

He said, “this, I feel like, is my first real sense of doubt. It’s a two-way street, and she’s the first girl that I’ve really felt for that I’m not receiving that validation back from.” According to People he gave Victoria Fuller the rose because he still had strong feelings for her.

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