Duggar: Here’s What’s Different About John And Abbie

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John and Abbie Duggar seem to be doing things a little bit differently than the rest of John’s siblings. John grew up in a very conservative household with pretty rigid standards.

For example, the family doesn’t dance or listen to secular music. Instead of dating, the adults court. In their courtships, no physical contact is allowed—well, except for a side hug with Jim Bob’s supervision.

It always comes as a shock to Duggar fans when any of the kids starts to do their own thing. Now, how the grown kids act isn’t out of control. But, they are stepping outside of the family’s boundaries and doing things for themselves.

John-David and Abbie are especially doing things differently. They have proven this in a few ways. And, Duggar fans have been pretty impressed as the couple navigates things on their own.

Abbie Duggar gave birth in a hospital

Several of the women in the Duggar family prioritize having home births. Others have chosen to give birth in a hospital. Abbie is one of those women who chose to give birth in a hospital. Fans aren’t really shocked by this because she’s a nurse. Abbie also had a difficult pregnancy. So, for safety, she might have chosen to go with a hospital birth.

For some reason, Jim Bob supposedly prefers that his daughters give birth at home. The reason for this isn’t exactly clear. And, it seems that several of the women have had hospital births despite this.


They didn’t follow Duggar courting rules

Jim Bob and Michelle give their kids basic guidelines for courtships. They are supposed to follow these rules, but they do have some say in how they interact with whoever they’re courting.

When John and Abbie started courting, they were a bit older than most of the other Duggar kids were when they started courting. So, John and Abbie had more freedom. John explained, “We all get to make a decision on what our standards are. We chose to be able to have some contact versus no contact.”

The couple decided that they would occasionally hug. John also put his arm around Abbie sometimes. This isn’t anything earth-shattering, but it’s a big deal for the Duggar family.


They got married later in life

When John and Abbie decided to get married, they were a little older than most of the married Duggar kids. They weren’t very old by most people’s standards. But, for this family, they did choose to get married a little “later”.

When they tied the knot, Abbie was 26 and John was 28. John’s younger sister, Joy-Anna, was only 19 years old when she got married.

John and Abbie still have plenty of their lives to live with each other. But, getting married later in life may mean they have less kids. Having a lot of kids is important in the Duggar family.


Abbie has her nursing license and might return to work

Abbie is one of the few Duggar family members who has a college education. She actually has her nursing license and used to work as a nurse. Now, she’s recently become a mom so she’s been busy with that.

It’s possible that she will return to work once her new baby Grace gets a little bit older. Or, she might stay home until Grace and all of their future kids are of school age.

Duggar fans love that John and Abbie are figuring things out for themselves and doing their own thing.

What do you think of John and Abbie? Are you surprised that they’re so different from the rest of the family? Leave a comment below.

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