‘Couples Couch’ Crew Finds Kindred Connection with a Few ‘Married at First Sight’ Spouses

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Couples Couch came to its new timeslot right after Married at First Sight on February 5.  This week, AJ Vollmoeller and Stephanie Sersen joined Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre, Kristine Killingsworth and Keith Dewar and Ashley Petta and Anthony D’Amico in giving cozy critiques from their living rooms.  The later hour allowed more adult language and there was less alcohol consumption but still lots of fun as two of the veteran grooms from Couples Couch really identified with the grooms of Married at First Sight Season 10.

The honeymoons are winding down and real-life together is about to begin back in Washington DC.   This is when chemistry has to give way to real connection for the newlyweds.   The veteran couples start to have serious concerns for the marital matches.

‘Couples Couch’ can’t see any strong swimmers on Season 10 of ‘Married at First Sight’

Anthony D’Amico decided to pay tribute to Zach Justice in this installment, so he pulled out his round styling brush and web full pompadour in front with his coiffe on this Couples Couch.  Ashley thought her husband actually looked a little better than the fitness model groom.  “You got more height,” she noted.  When four of the couples boarded the bus for a day at sea in Panama, it didn’t take long for the talk to get as deep as the water.

The subject of having kids quickly came up.  Taylor Dunklin was one of the first to say that she and Brandon wanted kids, “one, maybe two.”  Her remarks really seem odd in light of recent headlines on the pair.  When Derek says that children may come for him and Katie Conrad “in two or three years,” Katie declares “two years.” Most of the couples, like Austen and Jessica, have more discussion about dogs than children at the moment, and even pets have to come at the right time.

When it comes to swimming, not many of partners displayed strong swimming skills.  Everyone dove into the blue water carrying a noodle, and they still needed help.  When Mindy couldn’t find Zach, since she isn’t a strong swimmer, AJ quipped that the groom was busy “looking at himself in the mirror and shaking his baby a**.”  Ashley giggled at Mindy’s concern that he hadn’t drowned.

When Taylor started asking for poses to post on her social media, AJ took his opportunity to share the perils of social media on a young marriage.  The Season 8 husband feels a lot in common with Brandon from Season 10’s Married at First Sight.

 AJ of ‘Couples Couch’ warns caution with social media

On the boat, Taylor Dunklin is already asking for people to take poses of her to post on her social media.  Later, during dinner, she relates how important social media is as “my outlet” and “my way of connecting” with friends and family.  It becomes very clear that Brandon doesn’t jive with her heavy affinity for her instagram following.  He describes that he doesn’t usually get involved with girls who have massive amounts of followers because “they’re not real.”

The conversation between the two quickly moved from Taylor saying “I haven’t dated that much.  I’ve only had two boyfriends,” to her big attraction to male attention on social media.  Shawniece and Stephanie were stupefied that she wanted her husband’s finger out of the way of her food shot during their dinner.

“Put your phone down, and focus on the husband you’re with,” AJ scolded.  “The people on social media don’t really care about you.” Vollmoeller echoed from Couples Couch. The outspoken husband continued to make statements about not relying on social media during these sensitive and early days of marriage.  Heavy reported on February 4 that both Brandon and Taylor had shut down their social media profiles.

Further revelations depicted of Taylor and Brandon draw questions over the motives of both spouses in this match for being involved with Married at First Sight.  Keith Dewar was likely in the same disbelief as the Couples Couch and Married at First Sight fans during scenes with Brandon refusing to be filmed by the crew and expressing himself in very inappropriate terms for the censors.  From the elevator to the bus to the airport, Brandon continued his tirade.  Taylor took it upon herself to pack his bags and get the couple prepared to return to the states.

AJ really commiserated with Brandon.  Fans will remember Vollmoeller’s Season 8 aversion to disclosing “homework” from the experts on air with Stephanie.  “That’s me!” he agreed after seeing Brandon try to shoo away the cameras.  Stephanie nodded, but Keith could only say, “You’re on a reality show, man, it’s their job to film you.”

‘Couples Couch’ sees two couples hanging by a thread

Meka Jones and Michael Watson seem to at least the making an effort to salvage something of their marriage and the last day of their honeymoon.  The two toured the nearby city instead of choosing water play and the boat.  Both partners were asking questions, listening, and trying to find a common connection.  Ashley Petta noted, however, the stance taken by Meka that always keeps her several inches away from her groom. “She’s not really there,” the seasoned wife reflected.

All of the Couples Couch commentators got a laugh at Meka’s recommendation that for their only night together on their honeymoon, robes should be worn.  AJ told Michael through the screen that he needed to get “a pad and a pencil” to write down all of Meka’s guidelines for proper grooms.  Her poor guy even has to get dressed in the dark so he doesn’t wake her.  “It’s not that hard to do,” she insists. Neither of these partners is big on compromise and without it, relationships can become catastrophic.

Speaking of catastrophes, Mindy and Zach are truly suffering through their honeymoon.  They talk and talk and talk, and somehow, Zach always turns it back to his own feelings and how he’s never had difficulty with being attracted before.  Mindy, on the other hand, does overthink every comment and tries too hard to blame herself.

It was another heartbreak to hear Mindy talking to Dr. Viviana Coles over calling Zach “my husband.”  She packed to leave Panama, saying that he had “barely held my hand.” Once they are back in DC, Zach and Mindy need intensive care from the experts.

Kristine Killingsworth declared that “I’ve had enough of Zach. I’m not going to watch him for the rest [of the season].  The model couldn’t even muster the genuineness to please Couples Couch.  Fans can only hope that he invests in the process enough to pull through in this Married at First Sight marriage.

All of the couples on Couples Couch are still cheering for Derek and Katie and Jessica and Austin.  Ashley not worried to hear that Katie already wanted “minutes to myself” (in the shower) on her honeymoon, but Stephanie agreed that that was not an unusual request.

Shawniece and Jephte got the giggles when they saw Meka and Michael sleeping with the “barrier pillow.”  It took the favorite Season 5 couple a good while to sleep in the same bed together, but it happened, and so did their precious daughter, Laura Denise.

Keith was very impressed with Austin’s gesture of the farewell dinner with his bride in Panama, and how Jessica playfully tried to tame his curls. Jessica and Austin already agree on the topics like faith and its part in raising children.  The couple isn’t divulging much about their private affairs.  Austin will only say “I’m leaving the island a happy man, “ and that says it all.

By the way, Ashley and Anthony left Couples Couch happy, too.  The couple savored their wine down to the last drop, but only had one glass this time.

Couples Couch now airs Wednesdays right after Married at First Sight on Lifetime.



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