‘Unexpected’: Hailey Tilford Gives Pregnancy Update

'Unexpected' Hailey 2 Instagram

Fans of TLC’s Unexpected know that Matthew Blevins got Hailey Tilford pregnant. Hailey is better known as Hailey 2. She was previously best friends with Hailey Tomlinson. That’s how Hailey 2 and Matthew met.

On the Unexpected Tell-All, Matthew and Hailey 2 announced that they are expecting a baby. Since then, things have been rocky for the young couple. Hailey has revealed that they are no longer together. This has left fans with a lot of questions about how she’s going to raise the baby. Plus, fans are interested to know about her relationship with Matthew now.

Unexpected: Hailey 2 shares pregnancy update

Recently, Hailey 2 shared a new baby bump photo. Fans are always quick to comment on just how tiny her baby bump is. But, Hailey took this opportunity to let fans know that she’s doing well. She said, “so beyond happy with myself 💛🌼“.

If there was anything to be concerned about with her small bump, she would let her followers know. The teen mom-to-be is very open with her followers via Instagram. So, it’s unlikely she’d hide anything like that from them. She’s shared a lot about her pregnancy so far.


Hailey 2 answers pregnancy questions

On her Instagram stories, Hailey 2 often lets Unexpected fans ask her questions. They can type a question in a question box, and she’ll answer it later. She’s done this several times before. This time, most of the questions focused on the baby and Matthew. There may be some questions that Hailey chooses not to answer, but she doesn’t seem to hold back and gives fans good answers. Here are some of the questions Hailey was asked and what her responses were:

Q: Which trimester has been the hardest in your opinion?

A: Definitely the 3rd trimester. It’s draining me.

Q: What are you most afraid for with being a single mommy with one coming so soon???

A: Waking up throughout the night alone but I got this.

Q: What is the full official name for the baby?

A: Levi Carter Tilford

Q: Have any of the girls on the show supported and been a friend?

A: @rilahhhferrer & @mckaylaadkins have truly been there for me through this whole pregnancy! very thankful.

Hailey talks about her relationship with Matthew

In addition to all of the questions about the baby, some of Hailey 2’s followers wanted to know about the Unexpected father. So, some of Hailey’s questions and answers are about Matthew.

Q: Does Matt go to doctors appointments with you?

A: No.

Q: Does Matthew check up on you?

A: No.

Q: Would you be sad if Matthew moved on?

A: Not at all.

Q: How’d you get over such a tough breakup? And the feelings?

A: When a relationship is that toxic you learn that crying every day and beating yourself up over it truly isn’t worth it. I have such a good life to be wasting it being sad.

Q: How is the relationship with babydaddy?

A: There is no relationship. At all.

Q: Are you going to make Matthew pay Child Support?

A: It’s not worth the fight & court time. He already owes it for his first child so she’ll get it before Levi would.

Q: Is Matthew still living with you in your apartment?

A: No definitely not.

So, what do you think of all of Hailey’s answers? Her baby will arrive in just a couple months, so stay tuned for details.

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