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Duggar: Snap Of Bella In Dusty Rose Dress Raises Concerns

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Josiah Duggar’s wife Lauren Swanson recently took to her Instagram Stories to show off their daughter Bella.

The photo featured little Bella fast asleep. She donned a long sleeve dusty rose colored dress with layered peasant-style frills at the bottom.

Duggar trolls quickly critiqued the photo and had many concerns.

Right off the bat, those who follow Lauren Duggar on Instagram noticed the lack of a hair bow in the snapshot. As Tv Shows Ace has previously reported, hair bows and hairbands are a pretty hot topic in the Duggar community. Fans and trolls alike agree hair bows appear to be placed on the heads of all Duggar baby girls. Until a female Duggar child starts to grow hair, some assume the hair bow is a way to clarify the baby is a girl.

Now, as we’ve previously covered, hair bows are a bit of a sore subject among Duggar fans. While some insist the children likely don’t wear them for more than a photo or video shoot, others can’t ignore they are unsafe.

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It, however, appears that the topic of hair bows has come full circle as some critics are now taking issue with baby Bella’s lack of a bow. Turns out, some think baby Bella’s head looks unusually large without a hair bow wrapped around it.

The color of Bella’s dress also seems to have raised concerns.

As we mentioned earlier, the snap featured baby Bella looking adorable in a large, puffy dusty rose pink colored dress. Critics, however, noted it probably wasn’t the best color choice on Lauren and Josiah Duggar’s part. The light color of the dress didn’t complement baby Bella’s skin tone causing her to look extra pale.

“She looks like she needs some sunlight,” one critic notes.

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“Her color does not look Healthy🙄” Another chimed in. 

A third added: “I hope it’s the lighting or the filter used. She looks kind of sick.”

“Those rings around her eyes 😳” A fourth contributed.

Not everyone had bad things to say about the snapshot.

Fortunately for Josiah and Lauren Duggar, not everyone had concerns and complaints. One fan was quick to come forward with an explanation for everything others took issue with.

“I think (and for her sake hope) that it is primarily lighting and clothing choice. The dress blends into her coloring and the sofa washes her out, too. A lot of babies have big heads that they eventually grow in to,” the Duggar fan penned.

Are Duggar critics taking it too far with Bella’s latest photo? Sound off in the comments down below.

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