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‘Teen Mom’ Alum Farrah Abraham’s Parents Deny CPS Investigation

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Teen Mom fans know that Farrah Abraham often gets slammed for her parenting skills. Her daughter Sophia sometimes ends up in inappropriate situations, critics feel. But after reports emerged that she left Sophia home alone, and CPS investigated her, her parents denied it.

Teen Mom – Farrah Abraham critics scrutinize her on the way she rears Sophia

Time after time, reports make it to the tabloid press about Farrah not raising her daughter right. TV Shows Ace reported on one of the latest issues. At the end of January, fans saw that she posted a video on TikTok. There it looked like she contoured her face. But some critics thought it looked really serious, and not just playing around. Other controversial vids included Farrah on a yacht shaking her behind around. Plus fans grew upset when Sophia filmed her mom getting her behind injected.

Cheatsheet notes that Sophia’s Instagram often gets damning comments from critics. They don’t like the way the Teen Mom alum raises her daughter. They feel it’s fine to comment there as Farrah allegedly runs the account. The outlet noted that sometimes the fans get a little too critical of Farrah. So, a recent post saw the comments disabled. Despite the trolling there, it’s quite possible that Sophia does actually read them. Now, amidst more criticism, Farrah’s parents stepped up to deny a new accusation.

Accusations Farrah left Sophia home alone

Over the weekend, Champion Daily shared the news that many people suspected Sophia got left alone at home. The Ashley’s Reality Roundup noted the article focused on “citing several ‘Teen Mom’-themed Instagram accounts’ posts regarding Farrah leaving Sophia alone in their LA apartment while she jetted off to Mexico with a guy.” Well, the updates on that are that Farrah’s parents are really irritated about it. The various sites suggested that Sophia’s TikTok showed a video where it seemed she was alone in the apartment.

Allegations arose that the cops got involved and now Farrah’s being investigated. The Ashley’s noted that Farrah’s mom and dad were really angry about the allegations against the Teen Mom alum. Her dad said that he’s fed up and willing to start suing over all these various allegations against his “granddaughter.” He said that in fact, people “endanger Sophia” by making up these fake stories. Meanwhile, her mom said, “Sophia wasn’t even on her phone…she wasn’t alone, never made a post and was swimming.'”

Sophia’s account hacked, parents report it to the police

Investigating, The Ashey’s Reality Roundup figured that she probably was with her grandfather. And, on his Facebook, it shows they were in Los Angeles at least as of Saturday afternoon. His pics showed her swimming, and they also went to visit a farmers market on Sunday. Well, according to her parents, she was accounted for all the time.

In fact, they said Sophia’s account got hacked. In his statement to the outlet, the Teen Mom 2 alum’s dad said they are “filing reports.” That’s against the people who started the CPS rumors. He also stated clearly that “Farrah is not and never has been ‘in trouble’ with any CPS (child protection services) organization.”

What do you think about Farrah Abraham’s parents denying Sophia was left home alone? Granddad sounds really fed up with all these allegations. Sound off your thoughts in the comment below.

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