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Duggar Critics Aren’t Sure About Jill’s Parenting

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On Monday, Jill Duggar Dillard shared the exciting news that her four-year-old son is able to ride his bike without training wheels. The new post was well-received by lots of her followers, but there was some criticism too.

TV Shows Ace reported that Israel spent the day riding his bike outside. The weather’s surprisingly nice for February, so Jill took advantage of this. She and her boys took a walk and enjoyed the fresh air.

Jill, as well as many of the other family members, get plenty of love and hate from their followers. It’s simply a part of growing up and now living in the spotlight. Some of the family members choose to clap back after receiving rude comments. Others just let it go.


Duggar critics question Jill’s parenting

In the pictures and videos Jill posted, her followers were quick to notice a few things that were slightly off.

First, they realized that Israel’s jeans are pretty short. They pointed this out and wondered why the kid doesn’t have jeans that are an appropriate length. Some mentioned that the jeans are actually rolled up so they don’t get caught on his pedals.

They also noticed that Israel’s bike seems a little bit on the small side. Those followers think that he’d be able to ride his bike more easily if he had a bike that is the right size for him. Someone said, “Go up a size on his bike and he will be peddling with no issues! We made the same mistake using a bike that was too small and once we switched it was much easier for them to ride!” Someone suggested raising the seat. Another user thought he might be on his two-year-old brother’s bike.

Over on Reddit, more critics joined in the discussion and shared the same thoughts.

What’s up with Jill’s parenting?

Recently, Jill has been under fire for more than one parenting “mistake.” Whenever she posts on social media, her followers have something to say about her parenting.

One major issue that her followers have noticed is that her nearly five-year-old son still wears a bucket bib at meals. These bibs are designed for small children because they catch any dropped food. They aren’t simply to prevent food from staining the child’s clothing.

After seeing Israel ride his bike fairly well for his first time, Duggar followers are shocked that this kid still wears a bib for meals. A Reddit user said, “Dear Jill.. if your son is old enough for a bike without training wheels he is old enough to eat without a bib.”


So, what do you think of Jill’s parenting style? Do you agree with her followers that something’s not quite right? Leave a comment below.

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