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Why Is ‘Sister Wives’ Not On TLC Tonight?

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Those settling down to watch a new episode of Sister Wives on TLC tonight are in for a disappointment. It won’t be there. Unfortunately, it does not appear as if the network is airing a rerun episode either.

Why is a new episode of Sister Wives not airing this week on TLC?

According to TLC’s Sunday schedule, they are not airing a new episode of Sister Wives tonight.

As we’ve previously reported, the entire TLC schedule for tonight it atypical. Sister Wives fans aren’t the only ones disappointed as 90 Day Fiance also got bumped from it’s usual air time this week.

Unfortunately for those who aren’t sports fans, the Super Bowl LIV kicks off tonight at 6:30 p.m. EST. TLC, like many other networks, decided they didn’t want to compete with the Super Bowl for views.

As we also previously covered in our report on when you can watch a new episode of 90 Day Fiance, most networks do not want to risk tanking their rating by airing against the Super Bowl. So, it is typical for them to skip Super Bowl weekend entirely. This is something networks will do even if their show’s slot doesn’t line up directly with when the Super Bowl airs.

Showtime’s hit series Shameless, for example, skipped a week last year so the series didn’t compete with the Super Bowl while airing Season 9. This year, however, the network managed to air all of Season 10 prior to Super Bowl weekend. So, there was no reason for them to skip an episode this week.

Unfortunately, this did result in a lot of disappointed fans. Some didn’t realize last week was the finale and assumed the Super Bowl is why the show isn’t airing tonight. These same fans will likely be equally disappointed when the show doesn’t air next weekend either.

When can Sister Wives fans enjoy a new episode of the series?

Unfortunately, Sister Wives fans are going to have to wait until next Sunday to enjoy a new episode. TLC does return to it’s normal schedule as of Sunday, February 9th, 2020. A new episode titled An Awkward Valentine’s Day. The episode revolves around one of the more challenging holidays for a polygamist.

“Kody pushes the idea of building one big house, but the Sister Wives are divided. Then it’s Valentine’s Day a very awkward holiday for a polygamist. Lastly, at Kody’s birthday party, Mariah and her girlfriend show up with a major announcement,” the official synopsis of the episode reads.

Are you bummed your usual TLC shows are airing this week? Do you think Valentine’s Day is hard on Kody?

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