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Jim Bob Duggar SLAMMED For Attending Jana’s Vegas Trip

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Despite recently turning 30, Jana Duggar still lives in the Duggar compound with Jim Bob and Michelle. Unfortunately, this means she lives by a set of rules most 30-year-olds don’t have.

Duggar household rules in place by Jim Bob and Michelle

One of the most discussed Duggar household rules is that girls must dress in a modest fashion. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar do not want their daughters to tempt young men with impure thoughts because of the way they dress. So, this means girls have to wear knee-length skirts or dresses. This also means they must not wear pants. Nor can they wear anything that flaunts their womanly figures.

The female Duggar children are also barred from going on trips without a chaperone. Despite being 30-years-old, going to Las Vegas was a pretty big NO in the big book of Duggar rules. It, however, looks like the solution to that problem was for daddy Duggar to come on the trip with her.

While Jim Bob Duggar didn’t really appear in Jana’s updates regarding the trip, there is a photo of himself with Jana on the trip. A snap of himself standing right next to his 30-year-old daughter surfaced on Instagram via a fan account.

The photo, however, was NOT well received by Counting On fans.

Counting On followers slammed the photo as a prime example of what’s wrong with the family.

Counting On fans found so many issues with the photo of Jim Bob Duggar and his daughter. For starters, many didn’t care for the way his hand rested on his daughter. Why was he holding onto her arm? Many took the position of his hand to be just another example of how controlling he was over Jana. Some noted it was just a picture of Jim Bob showing Jana was “his” until she was properly courted to the right man.

Some fans took issue with Jim Bob including himself in the trip. After all, she is 30-years-old. It isn’t like she went to Las Vegas to party. It was an enriching, learning experience for her. So, why was he even there?

According to OK! Magazine, many were quick to SLAM the father for including himself in the girl’s trip.

“She is 30. THIRTY. Why can’t she go on a girls trip without a chaperone??? That’s just shameful,” one follower exclaimed.

Another chimed in: “I guess she can’t go anywhere alone?”

It is not uncommon for Jana and her father to travel together.

As the publication goes on to remind us, Jana and her father go on trips all of the time. They share a deep love for renovation and interior design. So, it is possible he went on the trip because of the shared interest. On Father’s Day of last year, Jana took to Instagram to suggest she had no issues traveling with her father. She referred to him as her best friend.

“Whether it’s designing a home or business space, picking out paint colors, flooring, windows or doors, he’s the mastermind, and I love learning from him and doing projects together with him!!”

Still, if Jana enjoys spending time traveling with her father that bodes one major question… Why didn’t she include him in any of her social media coverage of the trip?

What are your thoughts on Jim Bob Duggar attending the Las Vegas trip with Jana?

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