‘Bringing Up Bates’: Trace Bates Celebrates His 23rd Birthday

Bringing Up Bates: Trace Bates - Chaney Grace

Bringing Up Bates fans know that Trace is stepping out with Chaney Grace. So, he’s already taken. And, plenty of admiring fans think he turned into a really handsome young man. It’s his 23rd birthday this weekend, and the Bates family Instagram page also wrote about what a wonderful young man he is.

Bringing Up Bates – Trace turns 23 – fans think he’s totally handsome

On Instagram, the @batesfam account shared about Trace on his birthday. They posted a really nice photo of him in a suit. The loving caption read, “Happy 23rd Birthday, Trace!” Then they explained that he used to be a “shy little boy.” But now he’s “become such a good communicator!” Other great traits about Trace include him being “well-mannered and thoughtful.” Plus, the family noted, “You’re genuine and tender hearted. You’re fun and athletic. You’re one of the hardest workers in the family!”

Well, it certainly looks like Chaney’s found herself a wonderful man. The praise continued with, “You love the Lord, and you’re whole hearted about everything you do! I couldn’t be more proud of you! I love you so very much! (BTW you’re pretty good looking like your dad too!).”

Plenty of fans of the Bringing Up Bates show sent birthday wishes. And, many of them agreed that he’s a particularly handsome man now.

Fans’ messages to Trace on his 23rd birthday

Fans took the opportunity to talk about him ad they seem to think that he’s a fine young man. One said, “It’s so great to see other young adults with God in their hearts 🙂 Happy birthday, Trace! 🥳.” Another follower noted, “Wow he is all grown up and so nicely too. Very handsome. Happy birthday.”

Then this fan expressed even more sentiments: “Happy birthday Trace- your mom is right- you’re growing into a wonderful young man. Looking forward to catching up with family in [a] new season. Hope you have a great day💕🙏🏾🎂.”


Trace and Chaney

TV Shows Ace wrote in September last year, that in the Bringing Up Bates show, fans would see Trace introduce Chaney to his family. Well, that came at a party, Knox News reminded readers. Since then, Chaney didn’t post much about Trace. Her last post on Instagram about him came on Thanksgiving. The same goes for Trace. Hopefully, things are still going well between them.

What did you think of the picture that showed Trace looking so handsome on his 23rd Birthday? Do you think he’s really good-looking and that Chaney’s a lucky girl? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. miss the show but glad we can at least find some of them doing you tube and other means to keep us up to date, Now when is Trace getting married? Where is Erin and Chad moving and why?

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