‘Vanderpump Rules’ Under Fire for Reshooting Scenes Multiple Times, Fans Fed Up with ‘Fake’ Scenes

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Vanderpump Rules is earning the ire of fans who now believe the show is fake. The uproar began after the second episode of Season 8 in early January. An emotional conversation between Lisa Vanderpump and Ariana Madix took a jarring turn.

VPR Fans Call Out Ariana Madix for ‘Fake’ Scene

Fans noticed that Ariana’s hairstyle changed in the middle of the scene. In addition, so did the length of her hair. The Fancy AF Cocktails author’s makeup also changed between shots.

Ariana dismissed fans’ questions by insisting they didn’t understand television. The aspiring actress explained that some scenes require extra takes if mics go out or the lighting is wrong. She assured fans that the emotions in the scene were real.

The differences in the scene didn’t get much traction. But now there is another scandal brewing over the argument scene between Stassi Schroeder and Tom Sandoval.

Fan’s First Impression of Book Signing Party

Reality Blurb reports that a fan had a front-row glimpse of the argument at TomTom on last week’s episode of VPR. Sandoval and Stassi went head-to-head over a text he sent her the morning before her book signing event hosted at the bar.

Sandoval was upset because Stassi planned the event through co-star and TomTom partner, Tom Schwartz, instead of himself. According to Sandoval, neither Schwartz or Stassi understood how the restaurant business worked or how to correctly plan a large event.

According to a fan attending the party, the producers manipulated much of the drama. Even Tom’s ‘storming in’ is fake. A producer allegedly said,

Sandoval’s next door, we’re going to send him in… to like, storm in.”

Onlooker Claims VPR Screaming Match at Book Signing Was Filmed Several Times

The argument scene between Stassi and Sandoval was then filmed over and over again. The fan estimated there were five or six reshoots of the fight. The fan described what he saw happen.

“They would be arguing with each other and they’re very mad and then they go, ‘Alright, cut,’ and then the two parties just kind of turn away from each other. So, they’re still fuming.”

During the confrontation, Stassi called Sandoval an “egotistical piece of sh*t” while Ariana stood nearby, seemingly amused. Ariana clarified that she felt the entire issue was ridiculous and that’s why she was laughing.

Vanderpump Rules continues Tuesdays on Bravo. Weigh in below – do you think the show is fake or real?

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