‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Has Reality Steve Finally Figured Out Peter Weber’s Big Ending?

'Bachelor' Peter Weber AKA Pilot Pete via Instagram

Fans have been eagerly waiting for spoiler expert Reality Steve to find out and share how Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor ends. There have been numerous theories about who Peter ends up, if anyone. Some of them could be accurate while some are pretty far fetched. However, Steve put out a new podcast today, did he finally release the ending?

Does Reality Steve share Peter’s ending on his podcast?

Everyone who wants to know Peter’s ending is getting impatient. Unfortunately, Reality Steve does not release the full ending of Peter’s journey today. Steve is very adamant he is not going to share information with his followers until he has concrete proof how the story ends. With that said, Steve does think he may know what happens.

Steve is pretty convinced that he has heard the ending to Peter’s season. In fact, he has heard several endings. He said today he is not sure which ending to believe. He has no solid proof to back any of it up, just bits and pieces. Steve said he refuses to release news of that magnitude based on “word on the street.” Who can blame him? After all his reputation is on the line and he is usually very accurate with his spoilers.

He also admitted he has been hearing tidbits of things that have happened. However, Steve said if he filled everyone in on these details it would only lead to more questions. Therefore, he said he wants to make sure he has every detail squared away and matched up before he shares his information with the public.


Steve addresses theories ABC is paying him to stay quiet

Theories are running crazy in Bachelor Nation. One theory is that ABC is paying Reality Steve to stay mum on Peter’s ending. Steve says there is zero truth to this. Unfortunately, the only way to prove this would be to release his bank statements, which would be ridiculous. So again he says these allegations are completely absurd. As soon as he has the concrete ending fans will get it.

Other theories include pregnancy rumors, venmo speculations and Hannah Brown. Steve does say that there is absolutely no way Peter is with Hannah Brown. This of course leaves many fans very disappointed. Many were hoping for an epic reunion between these two.

Steve has said that Peter does not leave the final rose ceremony engaged. However, he says Peter is definitely with one of the final two women. In case you missed that news, the final two are Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett.

What do you think about Steve not sharing all the information he has? What do you think happens on Peter’s journey? Stay tuned to TV Shows Ace for more information on The Bachelor. 

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