Dominic Purcell Drops ‘Prison Break’ Season 6 Bomb On Instagram

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Is a Season 6 of Prison Break coming?

Dominic Purcell sent Prison Break fans into a frenzy yesterday regarding a Season 6 possibility. The Australian actor dropped a bomb in the form of a short video clip from the series on Instagram.

What was the video clip?

Unfortunately, the video clip wasn’t a trailer for Prison Break Season 6. The video clip featured a scene from a previous season of the series. It, however, wasn’t the content of the clip itself that sent Prison Break fans into a frenzy. It was the caption Dominic Purcell included with the video.

“#prisonbreak6 …. patience.” Purcell penned in the caption.

The Instagram post was a teasing bombshell to fans of the series. It, however, didn’t involve much in the way of information or details. Naturally, it resulted in fans having a lot of questions.

  • Is Prison Break Season 6 actually happening?
  • Will Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller star in Prison Break Season 6?
  • If Prison Break Season 6 is happening, when will it air?

Dominic Purcell’s post, unfortunately, doesn’t answer any of these questions. It, however, does give fans hope that a Season 6 of Prison Break is coming.

What does Wentworth Miller think about Prison Break Season 6?

Three weeks ago, Wentworth Miller also posted about Season 6 of the series on Instagram. His post, however, didn’t offer the same glimmer of hope.

“1. Your enthusiasm is appreciated. 2. I have no idea when (or if) there will be a new season. I’m not involved in that conversation. 3. TV shows take time. To produce, edit, air. For that reason… 4. It seems unlikely (to me) we’ll get a season 6 in 2020. 5. I could be wrong,” Miller responded to one of his follower’s questions regarding Season 6.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Wentworth Miller previously shared an idea he had on what the story line for Michael could hold for Season 6.

“He’s reunited with his loved ones, but I think he would be haunted for a long time. I think there’d be paranoia, insomnia, anxiety … maybe a lingering taste for darker things, illegal things. If there are new stories to tell, we could probably start there: with Michael’s not-so-smooth re-entry into civilian life.”

It has previously been confirmed a Season 6 of the series was in the works.

Naturally, there has been some concern that the chatter of Season 6 was just wishful thinking on Dominic Purcell’s behalf. After all, this isn’t the first time he’s drummed up hype that a Season 6 was coming on social media. More over, his role in the series is what he is best known. So, it makes sense that he’d want to do another season.

According to Deadline, however, it has been confirmed by some of the higher-ups that a new season of the series was “in the works.”

President of entertainment Michael Thorn told the press: “We’re developing a new iteration of Prison Break. We’re really excited. We’ll be happy to share when we have more. We definitely have one in development.”

This statement was made to the press nearly two years ago. Time passing, however, hasn’t been an issue for this series in the past. After all, there was nearly a ten year gap between when Season 4 aired and when the series was revived for Season 5.

How do fans feel about the potential of Prison Break Season 6?

Wentworth Miller has his comments turned off on Instagram. His co-star Dominic Purcell, however, doesn’t.  So, what do fans of the series think about a Season 6? Well, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that they are here for it.

Technically, the series didn’t do too well in regards to live view ratings. It, however, did incredible with delayed viewing on Hulu and Netflix. So, the fan base for the series is definitely still there.

And, here’s what some Prison Break fans had to say on Instagram:

  • “my all time favourite show i never know what to do when i finish it, i love you !!”
  • “Man, I feel like I spent most of my younger years growing up with you guys and watching Prison Break.”
  • “I need it 😭😭😭 I will never find a series better than Prison Break, I don’t know what to do after I’m done. The way is to start all over again 😭😢❤️❤️”
  • “CAN’T WAITTT!!!😍”

Overall, fans that follow Dominic on Instagram are over the moon with excitement.

How do you feel about a potential Season 6 of Prison Break?

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