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John Wells Wants Emmy Rossum In The ‘Shameless’ Series Finale

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Emmy Rossum broke the hearts of Shameless fans everywhere when she walked away from the series last season. The actress revealed that Season 9 would be her final season with the Showtime hit series. She was in the prime of her career and ready to move on and see what else was out there. While everyone was sad to see her go, it was something that most people understood.

Emmy Rossum’s exit from Shameless was hard, but understood.

Emmy Rossum has played the role of Fiona Gallagher since the pilot episode of Shameless. She took over as the mother and caretaker of her siblings when their own mother bailed. While their father was always in the picture, he was rarely sober and did nothing to help care or provide for them. Fiona dropped out of school and worked as many jobs as she could handle to support her siblings. Naturally, it was a Gallagher tradition that anyone old enough to work got a job and helped contribute to the bills.

With nearly all of her siblings reaching adulthood, Emmy Rossum’s character was reaching an understandable end. Fans watched the character struggle with love life before blossoming during her single life. Unfortunately, the character did go for a nose dive during Season 9. Fiona, however, was able to pull it together and things ended on a high note for the character.

The return of Fiona being an option was made clear.

Both Emmy Rossum and showrunner John Wells made it clear during multiple interviews the door was open for her return. Emmy explained that Fiona had just moved down the street and could always come back to see her siblings again.

Unfortunately, as we previously reported, it has recently been confirmed that Shameless is ending. The series was renewed for an 11th Season. It, however, will be the final season of the series.

Naturally, this has caused fans to ask one really big question: Will Emmy Rossum return for the final season? Will she at least appear in the Season Finale? Fortunately, it is more than just fans that want this to happen.

Shameless showrunner John Wells wants Emmy Rossum to come back for the finale.

According to People Magazine, John Wells has confirmed he will try to get Emmy Rossum into the finale of Shameless.  He, however, does acknowledge that with her busy schedule it may not be an easy thing to ask for.

“I’ll certainly ask her. She’s very busy and she does a lot of other things. We all love each other and we’ve been through wonderful things together, so I’ll ask her and hopefully, she’ll be available at the time that we do it,” Wells explained.

“But we’re so far from knowing what that would be and when that would be, and she’s just started on her new project for the Peacock, Angelyne, so I’m going to leave her to that for quite some time … until I start bugging her.”

Presently, Wells expects Season 11 of Shameless to premiere in the summer.

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