‘1000 Lb Sisters’: Will The TLC Show Return For A Second Season?

1000 Lb Sisters

1000 Lb Sisters aired on Wednesday night. The show revealed that Amy lost enough weight to qualify for her bariatric surgery. But, sister Tammy failed to reach her target. Much larger than her sister Amy, Tammy struggled with her health and her weight loss. But, to be fair, she did lose some weight. Sadly, she couldn’t celebrate with her sister as she felt so disappointed. Now the question arises: will we see another season of the show?

1000 Lb Sisters, co-dependency, a wedding, and surgery to come

TV Shows Ace reported that Tammy would always struggle more than her sister Amy. Right from the early episodes, fans saw Dr. Proctor worried about her reliance on other people to help her. In fact, Amy helped her as much as she could by cooking, shopping, and encouraging her to exercise. She really spent a lot of time motivating Tammy. But at the end of the day, the doctor warned her that her weight loss is actually her responsibility, and not Amy’s. It came after the doc asked how on earth Tammy expected Amy to help her more.

But, it also looks like Amy relies on Tammy in a way as well. They seem to have a strange co-dependency on each other. If Amy can go ahead and get her bariatric surgery, will she feel guilty as Tammy never made the grade? The 1000 LB Sisters show brought us the wedding of Amy as well. Sweet, held in a park, many people enjoyed it. But, her mom refused to attend. So, it could be that the girls long ago turned to each other for support, and that may have enabled their joint problem.  As it stands, we have one more episode to go. Maybe fans will see if Amy decides to commit to her surgery or wait for Tammy to catch up.

Tammy gets a second chance from Doctor Proctor

Towards the end of the episode, Dr. Proctor got a bit teary-eyed and told Tammy she may get a second shot at surgery. Some fans on Reddit felt he’s too soft. One fan suggested that if that was Dr. Now, he’d have “lit her *ss.” Recall that she weighed in at 605 lbs originally. Her latest weigh-in showed her down to 587 lbs. So, she lost 18 lbs.

Tammy needs to lose at least another 37 lbs before the doctor will talk about weight surgery. That’s a target just slightly over double what she managed in her first attempt. But, he told her he’d still work with her and they could consider the surgery later if she hit the 550 lb mark. Meanwhile, Amy started off at 406 lbs. She weighed in on last tonight’s episode at 375 lbs. Her total loss was 31 lbs, and she’s obviously thrilled with her progress. So, is there scope for another season of the show?

Reasons for the second season of the TLC show?

Already, fans of the show on Twitter and Reddit wonder about the last episode. They foresee issues with Amy feeling guilty, and Tammy laying it on as she failed. Meaww noted a lot of tears from Tammy. Granted, she’s disappointed, but will her need for Amy to do the same thing at the same time as her prevent Amy from taking her bariatric surgery? Irrespective, it certainly looks like there’s enough for TLC to develop another season.

Our prediction is that we’ll see another season of 1000 Lb Sisters as there’s so much more to tell. A new season could bring more on the surgery for Amy and then show her progress. There’s still a long road for Tammy to follow. Will she become motivated seeing her sister get surgery? Or, will that demotivate her completely? Fans simply want to know what happens next. It looks like she will keep on trying. Over on her YouTube this week, Tammy said she’s getting about without her walker a bit more these days.

What do you think? Do you hope TLC continues the story of these two sisters in another season? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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